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Saxony, or Sachen in German, is a state in eastern Germany. The capital city is Dresden, which is on the Elbe river. Dresden is known as the “German Florance”  and is famous for porcelain and Dresden Stollen.
Saxony borders Poland and the Czech Republic. It was part of communist East Germany until reunification.

Towns and areas

National parks


  • Bärwalder See
  • Berzdorfer See
  • Cospudener See Leipzig
  • Graureihersee
  • Hainer See
  • Halbendorfer See
  • Haselbacher See
  • Kulkwitzer See Leipzig
  • Markkleeberger See
  • Schladitzer Bucht
    Schladitzer See
  • Speicherbecken Lohsa
  • Steinbruch Eckartsberg
  • Werbeliner See
  • Zwenkauer See

Activities for rainy days

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Activities with kids


Foods and Drinks

  • Eierschecke
  • Blinsen (a kind of pancake)
  • Quarkkäulchen (Flapjacks with Quark)
  • Klitscher (a variety of potato pancake)
  • Kalter Hund
  • Leipziger Allerlei –  Avegetable dish with peas, carrots, beans, etc
  • Leberwurst with Sauerkraut


  • Black Mountain Festival
  • Moritzburg Festical
  • Mendelson-Festtage Leipzig

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  • Schloss Moritzburg just outside Dresden.
  • Meißen has the Augustusburg and is famous for its beautiful porcelain. It is also possible to visit the Meissner Manufaktur.
  • In the north of Sachsen you can visit the Naturpark Dübener Heide.
  •  In Ostsachsen, mainly in the villages Obercunnersdorf, Wehrsdorf, Großschönau, Waltersdorf, Eibau, Dittelsdorf und Cunewalde you find houses called Umgebindehäuser. Some of them, you can view inside.
  • The Erzgebirge is a beautiful area to visit. Especially the beautiful wooden carvings sold there. Very popular with loads of shops and workshops is Seiffen. If you are into hiking, the Erzgebirge has loads of beautiful hiking trails.
  • Festung Königstein.
  • Bad Schandau and Kirnitzschtal
  • Dresden Christmas Market is very special

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