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Depending on the harvest, fresh Federweißer or new wine is available from late summer to the end of October.  Depending on the time of year you might also find Most or First Wine as it is the first step in making wine. It is much sweeter than wine and is not filtered like grape juice.

Federweißer is somewhere between Most and wine. The fermentation process has not yet been completed and tje sweetness, alcohol content and fruit acidity are well balanced.  It’s relatively sweet because the yeast has not yet completely broken down the sugar in the grape must. If you store it at room temperature for a few days, the taste will become more tart and will have a higher alcohol content.
It is characterized by a cloudiness caused by the active yeasts. When pouring it creates a slight foam,

Where to find Federweißer

  • Federweisserfest Zell Mosel 2022 
  • Fest des Federweißen in Landau in der Pfalz
  • You can buy Federweißer in general grocery stores
  • Some restaurants will offer it. 
  • Look out for a Besenwirtschaft in your area

Interesting facts


Limited availability

It is only available at the beginning of Autumn



Fermentation continues insde the bottle. To stop fermentation, keep it in the fridge


Alcohol Content

The alcohol content is around 5% vol.

Great accompaniments

The following dishes goes very well with Federweißer

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