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South Africans in Germany

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Sending a package between SA and DE

The companies listed here are recommended by our FB members to send small packages or documents between South Africa and Germany.
We also added a list of companies that can handle your excess luggage or bigger packages. 
For recommendations on Shipping companies, visit our Shipping and relocation page

Sending a package from Germany to South Africa

My personal experience is that DHL express shipping is more expensive but it is the most reliable way of sending documents or packages to South Africa. Make sure you get a tracking number.
DHL has standard and express Shipping.
Please be aware that SARS might demand Custom or Excise duties on the items. See more on the SARS website

Sending a package from South Africa to Germany

Excess Luggage, sports equipment or larger packages

The easiest is to contact your airline and ask them about excess luggage. Do not wait until you are at the airport, it could cost much more. You can also look at other airlines even if you are not flying with them.  

These companies handle excess luggage and larger packages:

Comparative websites

You can compare prices on:

Competitive Rates for South Africans

Richard Wheeler is promising competitive rates to South Africans who would like to send parcels via air or larger items via sea. 

You can contact him on:

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