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South Africans in Germany

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These pages are designed to help make your travel planning process easier and more efficient. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or new to exploring the world, you will find valuable information on a range of topics including general travel tips, public transport in Germany, the different types of accommodations available, and customs information. There are also travel tip specific to Germany and also for South Africa.



Augsburg is about 50km west from Munich in Bavaria. It is also part of Swabia. It is home to companies like MAN, KUKA Robotics, MT-Aerospace, Osram, NCR and Siemens The official tourism Website Tourist Attractions Fuggerei Botanical gardens Wittelsbacher Park Puppenteatermuseum  Town Hall Schaezlerpalais Augsburg Zoo St. Anne’s Church Church of


Bremen, officially the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, is one of the three city states (Stadtstaaten) in Germany, the others are Hamburg and Berlin. The city is know for its history and traditions and of course the famous Bremen town musicians. The river Weser flows into the North sea The

Flying with Children

Flying with Children Travelling with small kids can be an amazing experience but also quite a task especially when it involves long flights. One of the key aspects to consider while planning such trips is the sleep schedule of your children. A poorly planned flight routine can lead to a lot of

Füssen – Allgäu

Füssen is probably most famous for the Neuschwanstein Castle in the village of Schwangau, but it has so much more to offer. It has a beautiful old town with traditional restaurants and the area is surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests.  Füssen is also part of the Romantic Road. Find out more

General Travel tips – Flying

When it comes to travelling, especially by air, taking precautions and planning ahead is key to ensuring a smooth journey. Here are some general travel tips that can come in handy during your next flight! We also have some advice on booking your flights, travel insurance and your time at

General Travel tips – Booking Flights

This page is dedicated to helping you make the best choices when it comes to planning your travels. We have information about  Airlines that fly between Germany and South Africa, airports in Germany and tips for searching for flights that fit your needs. We also cover essential topics such as packing your


The official Website Areas  Bergstrasse-Odenwald Towns Frankfurt Weiburg an der Lahn National parks Kellerwald-Edersee national park Freizeitparks Taunus Wunderland Freizeitpark Lochmühe Elebnispark Steinau (bobbahn) Wild und Freizeitpark Willingen Foods and Drinks Kassler Rippchen (Smoked Pork ribs) Zwiebelkuchen Blechkuchen (sheet cake with fruit) Kreppel (Donuts) Bethmännchen (Christmas specialty made of marzipan)

Lower Saxony

The official Website Areas  East Frisian Islands Spiekeroog  Ostfriesland Towns Hanover Braunschweig Osnabrück National parks Harz National Park Freizeitparks Heide Park Foods and Drinks Festivals Geheimtipps


The official Website Areas  The island of Rügen. The Jasmund National park is on the island The lake district The Baltic Coast Towns Schwerin – beautiful water castle Hanseatic Town of Rostock Hanseatic Town of Stralsund Hanseatic Town of Greifswald Hanseatic Town of Wismar National parks Jasmund National Park Müritz

Public transport in Germany

The German public transport system is extensive, reliable and very affordable. The Deutsche Bahn AG is the national railway company and is state-owned. The DB offers long distance, regional and local travel options.Here is a list of PDF Files with the route maps in German Long distance trains Long-distance trains offer fast and


Saarland is in the Southwest of Germany and borders France and Luxembourg. Even though it is the smallest state in Germany, it has a lot to offer. It has beautiful nature, interesting museums and great breweries.Those who love architecture will not be disappointed. Most of Saarland is covered in dense


Saxony, or Sachen in German, is a state in eastern Germany. The capital city is Dresden, which is on the Elbe river. Dresden is known as the “German Florance”  and is famous for porcelain and Dresden Stollen.Saxony borders Poland and the Czech Republic. It was part of communist East Germany

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