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South Africans in Germany

Our health pages at a glance

Ask a Pharmacist

A qualified pharmacist offered to assist in trying to answer questions regarding substitute suggestions for South African pharmaceutical products.Very important –  always refer to your doctor or pharmacist before taking medicationThe Admin team of this website are not medical professionals and

Electronic Prescriptions (E-Rezept)

Germany has implemented a new system for electronic prescriptions as part of their efforts to modernize their healthcare system. The electronic prescription system, also known as e-prescription, allows doctors to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies through a secure digital platform.

Having a baby in Germany

Thinking of starting or expanding your family in Germany? Luckily the standard of German healthcare is very high and Germany has great maternity and paternity benefits, but there are some differences between having a baby in Germany v.s giving birth in

Health product substitutes

We are not medical professionals and cannot give any medical advice.   We do however have contact with a qualified Pharmacist who offered to answer questions you might have about substitutes for South African health products. We cannot give any information about

Maternity Terminology

We created a searchable table to help you look up the German words you might need during and after your pregnancy.


Health insurance is mandatory for everyone visiting or living in Germany.When living in Germany you can either take our private (privaten Kran­ken­ver­si­che­rung – PKV) or public (gesetzliche Kran­ken­ver­si­che­rung – GKV) health insurance. Your choice will depend on your age, salary and

Mental health support

Moving can be such an exciting experience, but leaving your familiar surroundings and support networks behind can also be quite unnerving and stressful.It is very important to find or set up your support structures as soon as possible.Try to keep in

Sauna etiquette in Germany

When visiting a sauna in Germany, there are certain cultural norms and etiquette that should be observed. It’s important to note that unlike many other countries, saunas in Germany are typically unisex and require guests to be completely nude. This may seem shocking or uncomfortable to some, but it’s important to respect the local customs and traditions. Many Germans view the sauna as a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for the mind and body.

Visiting a doctor

When I first came to Germany, I was fortunate to still frequently travel back to SA, so I did all my check-ups there and tried to avoid going to a German doctor. But then I hurt my back and had to

Visiting a Doctor – Phrases

here are some basic phrases and terms to help you on your next general doctor’s visit.  Making an appointment A typical conversation to make an appointment will be as follows: Hallo, my name is Mrs xxx, and I would like to

Women’s Health

Contraception Contraception is available at pharmacies, but you will need a prescription from your gynaecologist for birth control pills, IUD’s and diaphragms. Emergency contraception is also available at pharmacies and you do not need a prescription for that.Public Insurance (GVK)  does not