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South Africans in Germany

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General Travel tips – Booking Flights

This page is dedicated to helping you make the best choices when it comes to planning your travels.
We have information about  Airlines that fly between Germany and South Africa, airports in Germany and tips for searching for flights that fit your needs. We also cover essential topics such as packing your luggage and choosing travel insurance. 
If you’ve got your own tips to share, we’d love to hear them!  Simply submit them to us and we’ll be happy to include them on the page. 

Airport information - Germany

There are over 30 airports in Germany. The biggest airport in Germany is Frankfurt International Airport. Other major airports are  Munich (MUC), Berlin (BER), Hamburg (HAM), Stuttgart (STR), and Düsseldorf(DUS). Most major airlines fly to these airports.
Discount airlines like RyanairEurowingsEasyJetTUIfly, and Condor usually make use of smaller airports, as the airport taxes are much lower.  They do however also fly from major airports.
A complete list of airports in Germany can be found on  Wikipedia or the Airportcodes website.

Saving on flights

  • Consider flying to or from an alternative airport. As an example, flights to Munich and Berlin can be much cheaper than to Frankfurt
  • Be flexible with your dates
  • Use search engines to compare prices
  • Book as early as possible
  • Weekdays are in general cheaper. Try to avoid peak seasons like Christmas and Easter. Flights to Munich in September and October are expensive due to the Octoberfest.

Booking Flights

 You can search and book flights via Flight search engines. The most popular search websites are:
When using a search site to book your flights, always make sure you know what you pay for, what is included, and what is charged for extra for example luggage. Also make sure you know what your rights are, and what the conditions of your purchase are, for example, can you change your booking, what happens if the flight is cancelled?
 When booking through a booking site or agent, you will have to contact them and not the airline when there are issues with your flight, for example, cancellations.

Booking directly with an airline is also an option. The following are just some of the airlines that offer flights to and from Germany.

International flights
LufthansaCondorEmiratesTurkish Airlines, Qatar AirwaysBritish Airways, Swiss Airlines KLMBrussels AirlinesEthiopian Air Ethiad AirwaysAir France and Egypt Air all offer international flights to and from Germany. Discover airlines offer flights to Windhoek

Regional flights
The following Airlines offer regional flights to and from Germany:

 When booking directly with an airline, use the correct airport codes. Florence in Italy has the airport code FLR but Florence in the USA has the airport code FLO. You can search for airport codes on the IATA website Download the airline app to get up-to-date flight information. Join their frequent flyer program to get extra benefits when you fly with them often.

 Some airlines allow you to bid for upgrades. Lufthansa offers the opportunity to bid for upgrades and depending on how full the flight is you can book a sleeper row, which costs much less than Premium Economy or Business class

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For more information about travelling between South Africa and Germany, see the following pages. 

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Wheelchair assistance

When you book wheelchair assistance you will be asked whether the person can walk on their own but only needs assistance at the airport or whether they need assistance with getting to and from their seat.
The service is organised by the airline, but performed by the relevant airport staff and the level of service might not be the same.
If the assisted person is travelling alone, the staff will take them through security and passport control and assist them with boarding the plane.
Assistance with deboarding is usually for when the person is not mobile at all.
Please make sure that assistance with going to the toilets is included if needed.
If the assisted person is travelling with someone, these persons will usually accompany the assisted person through security and passport control as well as boarding, although this is not always the case, especially if it is in a group. Discuss how this will be handled beforehand.  From personal experience, this was not allowed at Stuttgart Airport, but allowed at Istanbul Airport, could be that we chose the wrong day 🙂

Travel Insurance

It’s always important to prioritize your safety when going on a trip, and one of the best ways to do that is by making sure to have travel insurance. Even if you’re only going to travel within the EU, you can never be too safe, as accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.
With travel insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protected and covered for any unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations or lost or stolen luggage. Don’t forget that your health and safety should always come first.
It’s also crucial to read the fine print of the travel insurance policy to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your needs. In short, always take the extra precaution of getting travel insurance before every trip to protect you in case of any unexpected situation.
See our visa application tips for insurance options when flying from South Africa. There are also companies listed that offer insurance when travelling from Germany.

Visa application tips

We are not immigration agents, and your first point of contact should always be the German embassy or consulate in South Africa.Most of the information

Travel agents

There are Travel agents listed on our website. These businesses are owned and run by South Africans living in Germany. Contact them to get expert advice and assistance with bookings.

Morkel’s Travels

Founded in 2014, Travelor started as a unique startup that cracked down on the method of lowering vacation prices around the world using social power. Today, Travelor markets over 2 million accommodations in every destination in the world and works with leading international tourism companies, thus to achieve the most

Mon Voyage Travel and Tours

Mon Voyage Travel and Tours is an IATA and ASATA accredited Travel Agency based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Waiting, willing and ready to assist you with airline and airfare options, as well as providing information and guidance by sending the rules/regulations in relation to the Covid19 pandemic. You will

The Expat Travel Shop

The Expat Travel Shop is full-service travel agency with over 2 decades of experience in global travel. Our personal approach meets client needs in both the business traveller and personal vacation maker. We offer all our clients equal professionalism and enthusiasm and do our best to understand your unique needs

Reise Explorer

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Luggage and Luggage Tracker Tags

Each airline has its own luggage allowance depending on your booking class. Restrictions on what is allowed in your hand or checked luggage are imposed by bodies like IATA, the TSA and the EU. You can also find information about restrictions on the airline’s website.

For luggage restrictions in the EU, a single bag may not weigh more than 23 kg.
The amount of bags you are allowed to take with you will depend on your airline, ticket class and fare conditions.
Laptops and electronic devices containing Lithium Batteries may not be transported in checked luggage and must be in your hand luggage.
Make sure to pack light, and avoid carrying items that are not allowed on the plane or might cause inconvenience to other passengers.
For peace of mind consider getting luggage trackers. There are different types, choose one that will work best for your situation. ExportWorldTravel has some tips.
 Make sure you understand the liquid restrictions of 1 litre per person, but no more than 100ml per container. This also applies to creams.

  Never put anything in your luggage that you have not personally packed. You will also be asked at check-in if you packed your own bag and know what is inside it

We have some recommendations for sending excess luggage between South Africa and Germany

Dangerous goods

In order to guarantee safety on board, the transport of certain items is not permitted in your carry-on or checked luggage.  Checked baggage is what you hand in at check in and is transported in the hold of the aeroplane. Carry-on luggage is what you keep on your person during the flight. 
Always check with your airline on what is allowed in your baggage.  The following infographic is from Lufthansa. Lithium Batteries are not allowed in your checked baggage! These are found in powerbanks, mobile phones, E-cigarettes etc.

Your Flight experience

For a comfortable and hassle-free flight experience, we strongly recommend visiting our comprehensive Flying Tips page. Our expert tips and insider knowledge will guide you on how to make the most of your journey from start to finish. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, our Flying Tips page has got you covered!

General Travel tips – Flying

When it comes to travelling, especially by air, taking precautions and planning ahead is key to ensuring a smooth journey. Here are some general travel

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