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Starkbier is as the name suggest a strong beer. It is a legal generic designation for beers in which the original wort content is over 16 °P (degrees Plato). The alcohol level is between 5% and 10%. Most of them are seasonal.
In Munich, Starkbierzeit is called the 5th season. It is during Lent (From Ash Wednesday 14.02.2024 to Easter). Some are also available during the winter around Christmas time.  


Lent is a period of fasting and reflection. Drinking liquid is not seen as breaking your fast. To help them get through Lent, monks started brewing strong beer as it is very rich and nutritious. 
All major Munich breweries have their strong beer variety and their names end with “-ator” to make it sound holy.

Types of Starkbier

The following beers are classified as Starkbier

This beer is much stronger and made by partially freezing the beer and removing the resultant ice crystals, intensifying its flavour and aroma profile.

Stronger version of Wiezenbier, brewed with 60-70% malt and carefully crafted to elevate your taste buds.

All strong beers, high in alcohol, derived from a bottom-fermenting yeast and brewed using dark roasted malt are known as Bockbier. 

A delicious and refreshing beer that is only available for a limited time between April and June. Also referred to as Hellesbock. With its rich golden colour and smooth malty flavor, it is the perfect beer to celebrate the arrival of spring. 

A deliciously rich and full-bodied beer, is stronger and darker than the Weizenbock.

Did you know that Doppelbock beer is also referred to as “liquid bread”? It’s a rich and malty beer, with a strength that outshines traditional Bockbier

How to enjoy your beer

Strong beer is mostly served in a “Krug” but can also be served in a Willybecher (this is the standard beer glas)
Maibock is a very intense and aromatic beer and is served in a glass that tapers towards the top so that the aroma cannot escape too quickly. When in doubt, a “Pilstulpe” is a better choice than a normal cylindrical beer jug. A “Seidel” or Tankard with a bulbous shape is ideal. The ideal serving temperature is between 10 and 13 


Some Suggestions


Currywurst was apparently first made by Herta Heuwer in Berlin in 1949. She got the tomato sauce (Ketchup) and curry powder from British soldiers stationed in Germany. She originally served it with pork sausages and it soon became popular with constructions workers as an easy and fast meal. It is reported that she sold more than 10 000 currywurst per week.

Travel ideas within Germany

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