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South Africans in Germany

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School Information

The German School system is different from that in South Africa.
Children have to decide very early on their future education choices.
The school term starts in September.
Germany has an extensive public school system.
There are also some private schools like Montessori, Waldorf and Jena.
You will find international schools in most big cities.
Homeschooling is not allowed in Germany.
School uniforms are not required in public shcools

A South African Grade 12 with University exemption is equal to a German Abitur. Admission to Universities depends on your year marks

Finding a school

Germany's education system

Here is a pdf file with an overview of the school system in Bavaria. This gives you a good idea about the school system and most states work on the same principles

Education System

Gymnasium (Academic secondary school) is up to Grade 12 (duration of 12 years) With a Gymnasium grade you can enrol for most degrees at a University, but some, like Engineering,  require up to grade 13

Realschule is up to Grade 10 ( duration 10 years). This can be followed by FOS (Fachoberschule) and then grade 11,12 and 13.   You can enrol for Engineering at a Hochschule (University of Applied sciences) with FOS and Grade 12 

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Types of learning institutions Hochschule is the name for higher education. Under this, you can get the following institutions.  Fachhochschule – Univerisity of applied sciences. 

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