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South Africans in Germany

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Study in Germany

Types of learning institutions

Hochschule is the name for higher education. Under this, you can get the following institutions. 

  • Fachhochschule – University of applied sciences. 
  • Technische University – Technical University 
  • University – for academics. They offer doctoral and research programs

Hochschule does not mean “Hoërskool” or “Secondary School”

Where to start

If you want to study in Germany or are looking for a Master’s in English, pop over to this very resourceful website about studying in Germany at a University or Higher Education Institution.


You can search for degree programs on this website. They also offer the option to choose the course language in the search function.
It is also a good source of information about Doctoral Studies.

Online Univeristies


Uni-assist e.V, the working service point for international student applications, is an association supported by approximately 170 German universities.
Uni-assist provides processing and evaluation for international student applications.”

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

The German Education system

Attached is a pdf file for the Practical Guide for International Students (7th Edition)



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