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South Africans in Germany

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Our Stories

We all have different stories about why we came to Germany, how we ended up being here and whether we will stay or not. Every journey is different.

We can all learn from and be inspired by each other.

Youtube channels

  • Tebogo Prinz – You can follow her on Instagram and Youtube
  • Clyne Brunold  shared his impressions on the cultural differences between SA and Germany on his Youtube Channel
  • Ronet has a YouTube channel where she documented her experience in moving to Germany

Personal Blogs and websites

    • DeWet Herselman – aldiepaaie personal blog. Travel, Europe and general stuff
    • Jason Markotter  – Jason wrote about his experiences in Berlin, he moved there from Cape Town
    • Bronwyn Koch – “So who am I…..I am a wife….a mother….a South African…an expat….as of two weeks ago I now find myself living in a foreign country surrounded by a foreign language, foreign people, a foreign way of living….this is my life in a blog and how I am adapting to living in Germany as a South African”
    • Sarona Wolter from HypeWoman – is a podcast for women, where we share stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things 

Our social media accounts

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South African Communities

Church Groups American Protestant Church in Bonn – from August they will have an Afrikaans speaking pastor, Ds Mario Weyers. If you would like more

Keeping in touch virtually

As an ex-pat, it is essential to keep in touch with family and friends from back home. We yearn for news and contact with loved ones,

Streaming South African content

Your best option to legally watch South African products is to get a subscription to Showmax or Netflix.  Showmax Unfortunately Showmax will only be available