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South Africans in Germany

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Housing in Germany

Types of Housing

  • Flat – Wohnung / Apartment.
  • Atlbauwohnung –  Old building, might be protected
  • Dachgeschosswohnung – penthouse but usually with slanted walls
  • Einliegerwohnung – Granny flat
  • Entangewohnung – Apartmentbuilding
  • Loft
  • Maisonette – duplex apartment
  • Penthouse
  • Souterrainwohnung – basement flat
  • Terrassenwohnung – must have a terrace
  • Wohngemeinschaften (WG) – Communal flat or house
  • House – Haus
  • Einfamilienhaus – Single family house
  • Mehrfamilienhaus – Multifamily house
  • Furnished house (like Airbnb)

Vocabulary and Information

die Wohnung This could mean accommodation but mostly it means an apartment or flat
der Lebensraum
die Wohnfläche
der Wohnraum
The living space includes all the floor space of the rooms that belong exclusively to this apartment.  Immowelt has a very good explanation on how living space is calculated
das Haus A house but can also mean home or domicile
das Einfamilienhaus A free-standing residential building, typically for a single-family
das Mehrfamilienhaus Multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex. Units can be next to each other or stacked on top of each other
das Zimmer Room.
die Küche Kitchen.
Most properties (for rent as well) do not include a fitted kitchen and you will most
likely have to fit the cupboards, oven and fridge, etc.
You will have to look at the “Ausstattung”If you want a place with a fitted kitchen look for one with an “Einbauküche”
Das Badezimmer Bathroom.
Many bathrooms in apartments only have a shower or the shower is inside the bath
das Wohnzimmer Living room
der Flur Corridor, hallway
das Treppenhaus Staircase
Can be a shared space
der Herd Stove
die Spüle Sink for washing up
die Garage / das Stellplatz Garage or parking space
das Grundstück Land or plot
das Etage Elevated floor
das Erdgeschoss Ground floor
1. Etage, 1. Stock, 1 Obergeschoss First floor. It is the first elevated floor and not the ground floor

Resources on the web

  • – a really good source of current information from types of housing, to disputes with neighbours. Available in German.

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