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South Africans in Germany

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Gift services in Gemany

We have a great selection of gift ideas for your loved ones in South Africa, and I thought it would be great to also have a list of places you can shop for your loved ones here in Germany.
Most shops will accept South African credit cards, so you just need to have the correct address to surprise someone with a wonderful gift.

South African products

On top of most people’s lists are products from South Africa, for that we have a great list of shops selling SA products here in Germany. This is not only food items like Biltong, Droewors, Mrs. Ball or Pro Nutro but also handmade and beauty products. Have a look at the variety here –  South African products in Germany

Other shops

  • CheriGurl has beautiful products with South African flair
  • Wine is always a great gift idea and there is no shortage of businesses selling South African Wine

Gift Vouchers

  • Depot – beautiful homeware.
  • Mydays for experiences like spa days, cooking classes, vintage car rides and so many more.
  • Jochen Schweizer is another experience gift shop.

Shops in Germany

You can buy items online and have them delivered in Germany. Many shops allow you to set the language to English. Here are some suggestions:

  • – you can set the language to English or shop at, just make sure they deliver the specific product in Germany.
  • Flaconi for perfume, makeup etc

Gift Baskets

Online Cards

You can create an online card and have it sent via the postal services

Virtual Cards:

  • – Create a group card,  and have all participants sign the card. You can also add photos

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