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Augsburg is about 50km west from Munich in Bavaria. It is also part of Swabia. 
It is home to companies like MAN, KUKA Robotics, MT-Aerospace, Osram, NCR and Siemens

Tourist Attractions


Foods and Drinks

  • Weisswurst (eaten before lunch, served with sweet mustard, a Breze and a beer)
  • Bierwurst
  • Mettwurst (raw pork mince)
  • Schweinebraten
  • Wurstsalat (cold meat salad)
  • Frikadelle
  • Semmelknödel, Breznknödel, Leberknödel and Schinkenknödel
  • Rotkraut
  • Reiberdatschi (Potato pancakes)
  • Bayerische Creme (dessert)
  • Vaniliekipferl (Cookies)
  • Krapfen
  • Kaiserschmarrn (dough omelette with raisins, served with apple mouse)
  • Zwetchendatschi (Plum cake in season from August to November)
  • Brezeln (they look different from the ones in BW, the arms are thick

Local Breweries

  • Riegele WirtsHaus
  • Thorbräu
  • Brauhaus 1516
  • Hasen Bräu



For every musician that has ever listened to Wagner, this is a must-see. King Ludwig 2 had a personal relationship with Wagner and the artwork is out of this world, depicting most of Wagner’s Operas. From Augsburg, take a Bayern ticket for the day. Take the Regional train and 2 hours later in Füssen. At the station, you can book a tour of the castle. EUR 17,50 for adults and EUR 2,50 for children 0 till 17. From there, a bus ride of about 10 minutes gets you to the town where the castle is. You are not permitted inside the castle to wander through on your own. IMPORTANT: Your guided tour is booked in timeslots. If you are late you will NOT be allowed on that tour anymore. Personal experience!!!! The bus ticket is included in the Bayern ticket!! Take the horse cart (7,50 Euros per person) or walk up to the castle entrance. It is a very steep walk I must add, but if you have time, walk and take rests and some nice pictures and even a waterfall on the way. The way down costs only EUR 3,50 or stroll down. Easy day trip.

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