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South Africans in Germany

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North Rhine-Westphalia

NRW is the most populous state in Germany. There is also an abundance of castles, churches and nature parks.
Here is a link to the official Website. They also have information about day trips.


  • The Eifel region- (The Eifel is a low mountain range in western Germany and eastern Belgium. It occupies parts of southwestern North Rhine-Westphalia, northwestern Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • The Rhineland region embraces the land on the banks of the Rhine in Central Europe.


National parks



Foods and Drinks

Most dishes are hearty and homely.  Get some inspiration from the Culture Trip

  • Rheinischer Sauerbraten
  • Halve Hahn – rye roll, halved and topped with Gouda cheese and mustard served with pickles and onions
  • Himmel und Erde – good old potatoes
  • Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer
  • Rheinischer Döbbekooche (Döppekooche) is a type of potato cake although it looks more like a potato bake
  • Rheinisches Apfelkraut – especially during winter
  • Kölsch – a top-fermented beer served in 0.2-liter glasses called Stangen
  • Pfälzer Saumagen – Stuffed pigs stomach
  • Pfälzer Spundekäs  a spread made from cream chees, quark and sour cream
  • Westfälischer Pickert – potato pancakes
  • Grünkohlessen Kale, sausages, baked sweet potatoes, bacon and mustard.
  • Westfälische Rinderwurst – Sausage made with beef, vegetables, barley or oatmeal, and spices



  • Poppelsdorfer Schloss
  • Haus der Geschichte – a museum that gives a summary of the contemporary history from the end of world war 2 until now


The amazing cathedral is right next to the main station. Worth a visit even if only to sit within the church and look at the stained glass windows. Downstairs and to the side can also be looked at when gates are open to the public. The acoustics are amazing when a choir sings.


  • Toppersee – water skiing and go-carting
  • Tiger and Turtle  – an artistic staircase that looks like a rollercoaster. based upon a hill, so gives a lovely view over the surrounding areas. At night a good photography venue as it is lit up.
  • Zollverein Industrial park in Duisburg


  • Sudpark and botanical gardens
  • Schloss Benrath – the beautiful pink castle with a fountain out front
  • Wild Park – the free, well-kept nature park in the middle of the city. An outing for the whole family. Feeding the deer is a highlight. Sundays are usually very busy.
  • Zons – area near Dusseldorf
  • The Senf Shop in Dusseldorf – the famous mustard shop in the Altstadt sells every type of mustard possible. Very friendly and willing to package for overseas gifts and easier travelling etc.


Villa Hugel – a palace with gorgeous gardens


  • Schloss Moyland – a beautiful moated castle that has a wonderful handmade Christmas market in December
  • Schwanen Castle – a town full-on history and old buildings


  • The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
  • Schloss Koblenz – castle within the city. Also, look for the famous fountain … be careful when the fountain squirts


  • Gasometer in Oberhausen – a fantastic interactive art exhibition on four levels. You can take the lift and see a lovely view over the city from on top
  • Sea-life in Oberhausen
  • Legoland Oberhausen – you can buy a combo ticket with sea life above – an adult needs to accompany a child to get entrance into Legoland … seriously.


  • List of castles
  • Altena  – Burg Altena – was being renovated at the time, but a grand castle on top of the hill on a quaint town
  • Andernach– the world’s highest cold-water geyser – take a walk through a quaint little town, head down to the information centre, buy your tickets there, catch the boat up the river, and walk up to the geyser. You can even get to taste the water that squirts out. Brilliant outing
  • Atterndorn Dripstone Caves – Attahohle Caves and Biggersee – fabulous caves to walk through and a lovely restaurant to get a bite to eat afterwards before walking around the Biggersea.
  • Isselburg – Wasserburg Anholt is a moated castle with gorgeous gardens
  • Jüchen – Schloss Dyck Good place to see Tulips when in season. The gorgeous yellow castle usually hosts the light festival. Well worth the entrance fee
  • Grevenbroich area – Tulip fields in a privately owned property, but visitors can take photos and buy the tulips. A closer version if one is not able to drive to Keukenhof in Holland.
  • Hagen – Schloss Hohenlimburg – a delightful castle to visit especially when its Christmas market time
  • Halten am See – the beautiful lake
  • Halten am See – Kletterwald Halten – for those adventurous folk wanting to climb between trees
  • Hamm Maximillian Park – beautiful gardens with a wonderful butterfly house within (separate entrance fee)
  • The town of Herdecke – beautiful old buildings
  • Hornbad Meinberg – The Externestein – awesome rock formations and lovely nature trails. Open grass area to have picnics.
  • Konigswinter – Schloss Drachenburg – can hike up or catch the shuttle. Allow time to explore the surrounding area
  • Krefeld –  Burg Linn – museum and history of the area
  • Krewelshof Pumpkin Farm- Eiffel area – each year is a different theme where Amazing displays are set up all made out of pumpkins. Has a nice restaurant and shop.
  • Mettmann –  Neanderthal Museum
  • Mönchengladbach – Schloss Rheydt – gorgeous peacocks in the main entrance courtyard
  • Mörsdorf – Hunsrück mountains Geierlay Brücke – a suspension bridge – a good days outing and hiking in nature
  • Nettetal – The Kaldenkirchen Sequoia farm – is only open on Sundays. Accessible via public transport if planned well.
  • Ratingen – Wasserburg with restaurant, peacocks outside
  • Solingen – Schloss Burg – accessible by a ski lift type conveyor belt, can walk inside the castle wall, lovely restaurant, cool view. Worth a visit. Takes 15 minutes to walk down to the parking area.
  • Nettetal – Schloss Krickenbeck and Krickenbecker See – lovely lake area and nature reserve, walk-in forested area
  • Neuss – Ski Halle – snow all year round – dress warm and live out a dream of skiing locally
  • Vreden – Zwillbrocker Venn  – a nature reserve with flamingos. June through September the baby flamingos can be observed too.
  • Westerholt  – Das alte dorf – all the old Fachwerkhause – a picture-perfect postcard village. So worth a visit. Felt like I had stepped into a different world. The church is also a sight to see
  • Wuppertal Zoo
  • Wuppertal – The Schweberbahn – the newly renovated bahn is worth a ride
  • Xanten – Roman Archeological Park – lovely days outing.
  • The Deutsches Eck Monument – where the Rhine and Moselle rivers come together in Koblenz
  • The Grafenberger – Aaper Wald area for hiking around in nature


Thank you Kerry-lee Simmonds for your travel tips and photos

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