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South Africans in Germany

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Daily life in Germany

Here you will find a list of links to sites that have information regarding daily life in Germany.

Seasons and Events

We created pages for each month of the year. Giving information about what is in season, what public holidays and festivals to look forward to and information about the weather.

What we love about Germany

We did a poll on our Facebook page to ask people what they loved about Germany. You can find the results here

Finding a place to live

If you are looking for a place to rent, have a look at the information on our page relating to Schufa, types of housing and where to look for accommodation.

Local Town Offices

Once you are settled in, you will have to take a trip to your local town office to register.

Schools and Studies

We listed some links to sites that have information regarding studying in Germany as well as the school system

Medical Aid

We added some links about medical aid

Pension Funds

Information about State, company and private pensions

German Rules and regulations

Need to know how to behave and what is not allowed? We have some links to pages that are updated on a regular basis.

Driving and Driver’s licences

Find out how to convert your SA driver’s licence to a German one. There are also links to road rules and traffic signs.

Mini jobs

The garden getting to much for you or you need someone to look after the kids on date night?

Television Licence (der Rundfunkbeitrag/GEZ-Gebühr)

The first thing you are likely to get in your new mailbox is a reminder to pay your TV & radio broadcasting fees.
The fee is mandatory. 
Every household in Germany has to pay the fee even if you do not own a TV or radio.
You can apply for exemption or a reduction.
When you rent a place where it is included in the price (always ask!!!) , or your flatmate is already paying, you have to let them know that someone else is paying on your behalf. 
You can find the form on this site

You can find more information on the official website, it is only available in German.

Please also read about broadcasting rules and copyrights governed by GEMA.

Police Clearance / Führungszeugnis

All the information you need for applying for a police clearance certificate in SA or a Führungszeugnis in Germany


Everything you need to know about shopping in Germany as well as a list of similar shops than those we know in South Africa.

Other sources on the web