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South Africans in Germany

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Shipping and Relocation Companies

Shipping from South Africa to Germany

Here is a list of the companies suggested by members of our Facebook page:

Shipping from Germany to South Africa

Here are some suggestions for shipping companies to ship goods back to South Africa. There is also a FB group called Return to South Africa, where you can find additional assistance

General tips

  • When requesting a quote make sure to ask if the clearing costs in Germany, or South Africa if you are moving back, are included and get it in writing. Some companies do have hidden costs
  • Some people complained about added costs due to delays, inspections or clearance issues. Know what you are paying for, and how issues will be handled
  • Read Reviews 
  • You can ship boxes via airline cargo, contact them to get a quote. This is suitable when you do not have a lot of items to ship

Disclaimer: Please note we only list the companies people suggested to us and have not used these personally

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What can I bring into Germany

It is very tempting to bring some South African goodies with you when you travel to Germany, and while most items are allowed, there are Restrictions.

Good to know

Your Visas are approved, your paperwork is finalised and you are ready to start planning the big move. This can be a very stressful time,