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South Africans in Germany

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Searching for job opportunities

The most popular approach to finding a job in Germany is to register directly on company job sites. This helps you keep track of all the currently available job positions and makes the application process much more organized.
Another option is to utilize the services of a reputable employment agency. This option could help you get extra career insights, identify hidden job opportunities, and potentially bring exclusive benefits to your job search process.
For each application, you must submit your CV or resume, a cover letter, proof of education and any testimonials you might have.

Vocational qualifications can be certified to assist in the process. See the section on Recognition of Studies

You must also have or apply for the correct Visas/Residence Permits.

Company Websites


If you are interested in working for a startup company, you can find a list here. Some interesting ones are:

Job search sites

The Arbeitsagentur

The Arbeitsagentur, or Federal Employment Agency, in Germany is a government organization responsible for various aspects of employment and labor market policy. They offer several services specifically tailored to assist foreign jobseekers
Its primary functions include:

  1. Job Placement and Career Counseling: Helping job seekers find employment and offering career advice. The agency provides assistance in finding job opportunities that match the qualifications and skills of foreign jobseekers.
  2. Recognition of Foreign Qualifications: The agency can guide jobseekers through the process of having their foreign qualifications recognized in Germany, ensuring that their credentials are properly valued in the German job market.
  3. Unemployment Benefits: Administering financial support for unemployed individuals.
  4. Vocational Training and Education: Providing programs for skills development and professional training. To improve job prospects, the Arbeitsagentur offers language courses to help foreign jobseekers achieve the necessary proficiency in German. See the Befufenet website for more information 
  5. Career Counseling: Personalized career advice is available to help jobseekers understand the German labor market, identify potential career paths, and develop strategies for successful job applications.

  6. Information on Living and Working in Germany: The agency provides comprehensive information about living and working conditions in Germany, including legal requirements, social security, and health insurance.

  7. Support for Skilled Workers: Through initiatives like the “Make it in Germany” portal, the agency offers targeted support for skilled workers, including information on job vacancies, visa processes, and integration services.


Our Job exchange board

We created a job board where our community members can share workplace opportunities with us. 
You can find some great options here 

Business Development manager

Please note – Adtech or Martech experience is essential for this role. Roqad is a SaaS technology company based in Berlin, Poznan, Miami, London and

It Systems Administrator

My client, an international global network of companies, active in the refractory and raw material business in the industrial industry is looking for an IT

Specific Professions

Information Techonogy





Best companies to work for

The following sites have the latest company ratings.

Salary comparison

With the help of the Gehalt website, you can conveniently get access to a vast database of salary information and compare it with different industries and professions.

Resources on the web


CV Der Lebenslauf
Cover Letter Das Anschreiben
Testimonial Das Zeugnis
Recognition Die Anerkennung
Interview Das Bewerbungsgespräch / Vorstellungsgespräch
Study curriculum Das Studium
Degree Der Abschluss
e.g Bachelor Degree is Der Bachelorabschluss
Matric / Grade 12 / High 
School graduation / A Levels
Das Abitur

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