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Emergency Contacts

The following numbers can be dialed in an emergency, either from a landline or mobile phone.

The national emergency number. This can be used for any medical or fire/smoke/explosives emergency. It can also be dailed when someone is trapped or if you witnessed a suicide attempt

The national police force. Call this number in the case of attempted theft or damage. An assault or risk of life


  • Dial and wait to be connected to an operator.
  • Clearly state the incident.
  • Indicate how many people require help and if any weapons or dangerous substances are involved
  • Indicate your location and explain how to reach you.
  • Answer all the questions asked and follow the operator’s advice.
  • Do not hang up until you are told to do so.
  • Try to keep your phone free after hanging up, as they may try to call back. See below for phrases

Other import number are:

116 117Non-emergency medical (doctor on call)
19 240Toxic substance emergency
19 295Alcoholics Anonymous
0711 70 10 70Air rescue:
0800 111 01 11Suicide hotline
0800 111 03 33Kids and youth hotline / Kinder und Jugendtelefon
0800 111 05 50Parental hotline / Elterntelefon
0180 331 94 11AIDS hotline
116 111Hotline for Children to use

German emergency phrases:

I need a doctor Ich brauche einen Arzt.
I need a hospital Ich brauche ein Krankenhaus.
Call an ambulance! Rufen Sie einen Krankenwagen!
There’s been an accident Es gab einen Unfall.
It’s an emergency Es ist ein Notfall
I am in danger Ich bin in Gefahr
I’m feeling sick Mir ist schlecht.
I’m in pain Ich habe Schmerzen.
Can you help meKönnen Sie mir helfen
Policedie Polizei
Fire servicedie Feuerwehr
Rescue service der Rettungsdienst
Ambulanceder Krankenwagen
Pharmacy die Apotheke
Hospital Das Krankenhaus
Medicine die Medizin
Poisoning Vergiftungen
Heart attack Herzinfarkt
Stroke Schlaganfall
Choking Würgend
Difficulty breathing Schwierigkeiten beim Atmen
Wounddie Wunde
Bleeding Blutung
Concussion Gehirnerschütterung
Diabetic Diabetiker
Give birth Gebären

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