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South Africans in Germany

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Frozen products

Here is a list of suggestions for ready-made pasty (dough) products and some translations.
Frozen dough
Puff Pastryder Blätterteig‘Puff pastry is a light flaky pastry with a lot of butter in in. Perfect for savoury or sweet pies, Beef Wellington, pastries, croissants, cheese straws, sausage rolls, strudel, Tarte Tatin and Mile-feuille.
Filo PastryDer Filo- & YufkateigIt is not the same as Puff pastry/ Blätterteig, although it could be used as a substitute in some recipies.
Tante Fanny sells a filo dough
Shortcrustder Mürbeteig.Used for the base in sweet tarts or quiche and flans. It can also be used for sweet and savoury pies like apple or chicken.
Pizzader PizzateigTante Fanny sells various options, found, square, made from Dinkelmehl etc
Quiche and Tart doughQuche- und TarteteigTante Fanny sells a round Quiche and Tart dough. It is a shortcrust dough, just shaped round. They also make a sweeter dough and one with more butter in, but in the end they are all Shortcrust dough
Strudel doughStrudelteig
Flammkuchen doughder FlammkuchenteigTante Fanny sells various doughs for Flammkuchen. Flammkuchen has a very thin and crisp crust
Dough in a tin
Vetkoek ready made doughYou can use “Sonntags-brötchen“ that you buy in a tin, and use it exactly as you would the ready made dough, by frying it in oil

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