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South Africans in Germany

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Watching sports

Cricket Worldcup 2023

Watching your favourite sports on Television can be a challenge in Germany.  It is very tempting to use a VPN to watch the games on DSTV, but we strongly advice against it. 
Germany has stringent copyright laws.
Do not violate copyright laws by illegally downloading a film, music, or other web content.  You can get heavy fines for doing so.
You can read more about streaming on the European Consumer Centre Germany  – and download their English  Safer-Streaming-EN.pdf file

Downloading Music, Movies etc

Copyrights in Germany are governed by GEMA, a government-mandated collecting society and performance rights organization. GEMA:  The Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte, or in English, the society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights. Germany has stringent copyright laws.Do not violate copyright laws by illegally downloading a film, music, or other web content.  Inform yourself about what is allowed and what the penalties are for not adhering to the rules.You can also be held responsible for any

Television Licenses

Television Licence (der Rundfunkbeitrag/GEZ-Gebühr) The first thing you are likely to get in your new mailbox after registering at the Bürgeramt is a reminder to pay your TV & radio broadcasting fees. The 2023 fees are €18.36 per month and can be paid quarterly  (€55.08) or €220.32 per yearThe fee is mandatory.  Every household in Germany has to pay the fee even if you do not own a TV or radio. It does not matter if you have subscriptions to Sky, Netflix

What are the legal options

Pubs and restaurants

If would like to watch it with others, consider visiting an Irish pub in your town, they usually have a television with a subscription to sports channels. It is a good idea to confirm with them what games they will be showing on that day. 
If you are close to Bielefeld, there is a South African Restaurant called Howzit, they show most of the major games. In Berlin, visit Outer Africa

Pay channels

If you are lucky ZDF will show some major international games but it is in German. 



The following sites seem to offer legal streaming, please refer to their disclaimers. You are responsible for your own legal clarifications. No liability accepted.

  • has some live streams but mostly 7’S
  •– they show mostly Southern Hemisphere games. According to their website “Sanzaar rugby matches are only available in countries where rights to watch your content is available” According to Inverleigh Media,  Germany is on their list of countries.
  • URC TV –  United Rugby Championships. According to their website there are no limitations for Germany
  • Youtube channels
  • Rugby Deutschland

Radio Stations

You can listen to most games on radio stations. 

Radio Stations and Playlists

Most South African radio stations have a streaming option, another option is to download apps with a selection of radio stations. Here are some suggestions  

Resources on the web


Forums and Groups

We have a sports Forum on our website.
Registered users can also access the Rugby and cricket groups

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Streaming South African content

Your best option to legally watch South African products is to get a subscription to Showmax or Netflix.  Showmax Unfortunately Showmax will only be available