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South Africans in Germany

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Most South Africans love being outside the house. This can sometimes feel like a challenge in Germany, but I have learned very quickly that you need to embrace all kinds of weather conditions.
Most Germans will tell you that there is no bad weather, just bad clothes.

The best outdoor activity is, of course, braaing with friends, but please be aware of the rules.
When you do not have a place to braai, you can always use go to a public grill area, which also with its own set of rules.

Grilling in public

When you do not have braai facilities at home or want to have more space while meeting your friends for a braai, you can use

Braai Season

Summer is finally here and it is time to invite friends to kuier around the braai.  But before you light your charcoal, check out the

Cooling off in Summer

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Swimming in Germany

Swimming options Private swimming pools are not so popular in Germany, but there are good public swimming options available. Public swimming pools / Öffentliche Schimmbäder / Freibad Freiseitparks like Europapark Baggersee (Man-made lakes) Lakes The ocean / Nordsee or Ostsee Rules for swimming in Lakes Never dive/jump into a lake without knowing the depth of the water first. Many lakes are quite shallow, especially near the shore. Bring a sun umbrella or some form of shelter, and

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Participating in Sports in Germany

Sports in Germany South Africans are generally a sport-crazy bunch. Not just watching it, but also actively taking part. Participating in sports here in Germany

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We created a page for each month so you can find out what food is in season, what public holidays and festivals you can look