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South Africans in Germany

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Substitutes – Drinks

Here is a list of substitutes for hot and cold drinks. The list is searchable.

Hot Drinks
MiloMost African and Asian Shops stock Milo
You can also buy it at online shops.
Some suggest this one from Ovomaltine
Instant Coffee like Frisco and RicoffyYou can buy it at SA Shops in Germany.
Also look out for Nestle Ricore Kaffee which is similar to Ricoffy. It is available on Amazon
Black / Ceylon Tee like FreshpakYou can buy Freshpak at SA Shops in Germany.
Good substitutes are brands like Tetley or PC Tips in Asian or British shops or
Teekanne Ostfriesen tea
HorlicksYou can buy online at Amazon or
A cheaper option is to look in Indian/Pakistani shops
Koffiehuis Pronto BagsYou can buy similar products online.
Coffeefair offers a wide variety
Rooibos TeasIn Germany you can buy Rooibos Tea in most food stores, but many are flavoured. Make sure you buy the “pur” or unflavoured one if you want traditional Rooibos tea. Health shops also sells Rooibos tea. Another thing to consider – SA teabags weigh more than the bags in Germany. Freshpak weighs 2.5 grams, and the Teekanne teabag weighs 1.75 grams. Loose tea can be bought in a Tee Laden
Cold Drinks
Roses Lime Cordial or any other Cordial/Syrup You can find it at most shops like Rewe or Edeka, else online at Amazon.
Monin also makes syrups
Nesquik Chocolate milkyou can find the chocolate variety in the shops, although people suggested that Kaba tastes like the one in SA
Stoney Ginger BeerThomas Henry Spicy Ginger
Cream SodaCream Soda is actually Vanilla flavoured. Some suggest you can use Waldmeister to flavour your sparkling water for a similar taste. You can also find it online at SA Shops in Germany
Fanta GrapeTem´s Grape Soda

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