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South Africans in Germany

A qualified pharmacist offered to assist in trying to answer questions regarding substitute suggestions for South African pharmaceutical products.
Very important –  always refer to your doctor or pharmacist before taking medication
The Admin team of this website are not medical professionals and cannot give any medical advice.  

  • Please do not misuse this service.
  • The admin of the South Africans in Germany website will be able to read your submissions, so please do not add too many personal or private details.
  • Answers will be sent back to us and not to you directly. We will then forward it back to you.
  • We would like to build a Frequently asked questions page related to the questions you asked. No personal details will be shared on the website.
  • We reserve the right to not forward your submission at our own discretion.
  • Submissions will not be forwarded on a daily basis but at regular intervals.
  • Submissions will be deleted from our mailbox after a 30-day period.
  • Answers may be shared on our website

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We are not medical professionals and cannot give any medical advice.   We do however have contact with a qualified Pharmacist who offered to answer questions

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When I first came to Germany, I was fortunate to still frequently travel back to SA, so I did all my check-ups there and tried


Health insurance is mandatory for everyone visiting or living in Germany.When living in Germany you can either take our private (privaten Kran­ken­ver­si­che­rung – PKV) or