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South Africans in Germany

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Women’s Health


Contraception is available at pharmacies, but you will need a prescription from your gynaecologist for birth control pills, IUD’s and diaphragms. 
Emergency contraception is also available at pharmacies and you do not need a prescription for that.
Public Insurance (GVK)  does not cover contraception costs


Public insurance GVK, covers all maternity costs, but some private insurers only offer it as an additional cost, so make sure you know what is covered by your plan.
See our section on Having a baby and Maternity terminology 


Public Insurance (GVK) covers annual screenings for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. You usually will need a referral (die Überweisung) form your GP, unless you are over 50, then you will get an invitation every 2 years for a Mammogram

Finding a Doctor

Finding a doctor can be a challenge especially if you are looking for an English-speaking doctor.
The following websites can help in your search


birth control pillsdie Antibabypille
Hormonesdie Hormone
Infertilitydie Unfruchtbarkeit
coildie Spirale
condomdas Kondom
breastsdie Brüste
vaginadie Scheide
Pelvic floorder Beckenboden
uterusdie Gebärmutter
menstruationdie Menstruation
Thyroiddie Schilddrüse
fallopian tubedie Eileiter
pregnancydie Schwangerschaft
eggdas Ei
induced labourdie eingeleitete Geburt
waters brokendie Fruchtblase ist geplatzt
placentadie Plazenta
episiotomyder Dammschnitt
epiduraldie Epiduralanästhesie
cervixder Gebärmutterhals
Mammogramdas Mammogram
Pap SmearPap-Abstrich
Gynaecologistder Gynägeloge
die Gynägelogin
Endocrinologydie Endokrinologie

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