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South Africans in Germany

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Spices and Herbs

Here is a list of the most common spices and herbs with their Afrikaans, English and German names


BorrieTurmericdie Kurkuma
KomynCuminder Kreuzkümmel
Peper Pepper der Pfeffer
NeutmuskaatNutmegdie Muskatnuss
NaeltjiesClovedie Nelke
WonderpeperAllspiceder Piment


PietersielieParsleydie Petersilie
DilleDillder Dill
RoosmarynRosemaryder Rosmarin
LourierblareBay Leafder Lorbeer / das Lorbeerlatt
SalieSageder Salbei
TiemieThymeder Thymian


Bief/Hoender aftrekselBeef/Chicken StockThere is a variety of options available
You can get it in the following:
– Blocks called Brühwürfel
– Liquid called Fond or Bouillion
– set liquid called Bouillon pastös
– powder form also called Bouillion
see more here

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