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South Africans in Germany

A selection of traditional South African Christmas recipes. You are most welcome to share your recipes with us via the link below.

Christmas Desserts

Tipsy tart 250g dates, pitted1tsp bicarb1 cup boiling water 1/2 cup Butter 3/4 brown sugar (light)2 XL eggies1tsp Vanilla Essence1 1/2 cup Flour2 tsp Baking

Main Meals

Click here to submit your recipe Gammon Gammon is ham that has been cured or smoked like bacon. It is the hind leg of pork

Christmas Beverages

Click here to submit your recipe Gemmerbier 4.5 liter water 28 g gingerroot crushed 500 ml sugar 15 ml active dry yeast or 1 cube

Side dishes

Brussel sprouts with Chestnuts For 4 people 400 grams Chestnuts (you can buy them prepared) 600 gram Brussel sprouts 75 gram Goose lard (Gänseschmalz)  15

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