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South Africans in Germany


The beginning of Summer and the longest day of the year will be on 21June, in Berlin the sun will rise at 04:43 and set at 21:33.
The long days are perfect to enjoy a beer after work in one of the many beer gardens or invite friends over for a braai.
You might also be invited to German Grillfest, and don’t be surprised to see sausages, vegetables, and even cheese on the grill. 


Grilling in public

When you do not have braai facilities at home or want to have more space while meeting your friends for a braai, you can use the grills/fireplaces at a

Braai Season

Summer is finally here and it is time to invite friends to kuier around the braai.  But before you light your charcoal, check out the rules and regulations that

It is also time to get your cozzies out as some public swimming facilities (Freibad) will be open.
Other options are to swim at a beach, a baggersee or a lake.
Hiking and riding your bicycle or mountain bike are also very popular activities. Great websites for trails are Outdooractive or Komoot.  Both are available as apps.

Unique weather conditions: 
die Schafskälte – Between June 4th and June 20th (usually on the 11th of June), there is often a cold snap in Central Europe. The cool and humid air flowing in from the northwest causes the temperature to drop. When this happens, the weather changes significantly, which can lead to the first – severe – thunderstorms of the year and put a considerable damper on a good summer lookout.

Folk saying (Bauernregel) Die Siebenschläferregel – “Ist Siebenschläfertag ein Regentag, regnet’s noch sieben Wochen danach” – According to this rule, the weather conditions that occur during the period around 27 June can significantly influence the weather for the rest of summer.

TimeCentral European Time (CET), Summertime – the same time as South Africa until the last Sunday of October, when Wintertime starts (30 October 2022).

The average day temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. The days become longer and there are more hours of sunshine

Plan your month

everything you need to know


The warmer weather and long nights means that the summer Festivals are in full swing.
Cities come alive with street parades, music, markets, food and enough to drink.
Summer solstice will be on the 21st of June. It is still custom in many areas to light bonfires or use fireworks to celebrate.

Events listed on our website

Virtual get-together 7 December 2023

07/12/2023 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Join us for a casual monthly get-together. The idea is to get to know other Southern Africans, support each other and share our ideas and tips on life in Germany. Follow the Skype link: Skype Meeting  – You do not need a Skype account to participate  

Online Wine Tasting

25/11/2023 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Online Tasting with Gerard Holden from Holden Manz You’ll get to know one of the most beautiful wineries in South Africa. But Holden Manz is not just a visual delight – their wines are a true dream. Gerard acquired the estate with his partner Migo Manz in August 2010, when it was still known as “Klein […]

The Travelling Art Gallery

02/11/2023 – 25/11/2023 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm – The Travelling Art Gallery is an artists’ initiative of contemporary artists from South Africa. Visit one of our upcoming exhibitions or browse through our online art catalogues at your leisure. Click on the images to open the respective catalogues. For art purchases and questions, please contact them by email at  

Charity Wine Tasting

23/11/2023 @ 6:00 pm – It is time for our pre-Xmas charity walkabout wine tasting and Xmas shopping for charity! Walkabout and taste wines with purpose from South Africa – wines grown at a protea sanctuary, WWF-certified wines, organic and vegan wines and much more. Snacks will also be provided. And if you are on a dry November before you […]

Juanita du Plessis “live in Amsterdam”

27/01/2024 @ 7:00 pm – Juanita du Plessis live in Amsterdam Tickets available at Disclaimer: This event is not organised by the admin of this website, we only share it for information purposes


17/06/2023 – 25/11/2023 @ 12:00 am – In her new album „Read My Lips“, Thabilé’s musical range encompasses genres such as jazz, soul, Afro, gospel, pop and R’n’B. The musical arrangements of the highly talented producer Steve Bimamisa are immensely captivating due to their instrumental clarity, without being obtrusive. Her vocal presence is varied, perfect, embracing and warm. Songs such as „Read […]

Some foods and drinks to try



Berries like Strawberries (Erdbeeren), Red currant berries (Johannisbeeren), Blueberries (Blaubeeren) and Cherries (Kirschen) are all in season. 
Make your own Rote Grütze and serve it with Ice cream, Milchreis or pudding. You can find some more recipes here.



It is the perfect weather for having a braai



It is still Spargalsaison until the 24th of June


Ice cream

 The best Ice cream you will find at Italian Gelato shops. Do try Spaghetti Eis


Aperol Spritz

Summer cocktails

Relax and enjoy the sunshine with an Aperol Spritz or Hugo

Fruit and Veggies in Season


German Barbecuedas Grillfest
a state or feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer.die Herbstblätter
Man-made quarry filled with water

der Baggersee

Lakeder See
Oceandas Meer
Beachder Strand / der Badestrand
Blueberriesdie Blaubeeren
Raspberriesdie Himbeeren
Elderberriesdie Holunderbeeren
Strawberriesdie Erdbeeren


Summer Holidays

The school summer holidays are during July and August.  Schulferien has an up-to-date school calendar.  Start planning your summer holidays well in advance. Below are some tips and information that might be helpful

Tourist accommodation types

The hotel descriptions in Germany are very different from those in South Africa. Here is a shortlist, of some of the most popular types, with

Travel ideas within Germany

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Travel in the Schengen Area

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Traveling to the UK

If you only have a South African passport, you need a visa to visit the UK, it does not matter if you have Permanent residence

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