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2024 Election Voting abroad

Days to election day

President Cyril Ramaphosa has, in terms of Section 49(2) of the Constitution, read with Section 17 of the Electoral Act (Act No 73 of 1998), proclaimed 29 May 2024 as the date for the general national and provincial elections. The proclamation on the election date has been published in the Government Gazette on Friday, 23 February 2024.

South African citizens who live abroad or who are abroad on election day, can vote in the 2024 National elections.

A person who wants to cast a special vote at a foreign mission in terms of section 33(3) or (4), may do so on 17 May 2024 and 18 May 2024, between 07:00 and 19:00, depending on the host country’s dominant religious and cultural practices.

In practice, this implies that countries with a Friday-Saturday weekend format will vote on 17 May, and countries with a Saturday-Sunday format will vote on 18 May

The following applications are now closed:

  1. Registration as an overseas voter
  2. VEC 10 applications to apply to vote at a different voting station than where you are registered (overseas stations). This will not change your voting station on the voter’s roll

Official websites and Acts

Election dates 2024

Your voting station

If you registered as an overseas voter, your voting station should show the station you chose during registration for example Munich or Berlin. Below is and example.

If are still registered in South Africa (or any other station that is not Munich or Berlin) and you submitted a VEC10, it won’t change your registered station on the voter’s roll. It just grants you temporary approval for a station of your choice for this election. You must vote at the voting station you selected on the VEC10 application. You should have received an e-mail with information similar to the picture below from  “” with the Subject: VEC10 Notification Receipt

If you check your registration details on the IEC Website, it will still show your “old station”

WhatsApp Groups

We have two WhatsApp groups in our Community. One for Munich and one for Berlin. Use it to organise lift clubs and meetups. The details are on the pinned post on The South Africans in Germany Facebook Group. This is a closed group and you have to be a member. 

You need your SA ID to vote

As a registered voter, it’s important to note that your passport cannot be used to cast your vote during elections.
Instead, the only valid forms of identification are South African ID Books, smartcard ID, or valid temporary IDs.
It’s crucial to ensure that you have one of these forms of identification with you when you head to the voting station. 

What to expect when voting

  • Your thumbnail is marked with indelible ink.
  • Your ID book or Temporary Identity Certificate is stamped (if you’re voting with an ID smartcard this will not be stamped).
  • You only receive one ballot paper, which is for the national election.  Because you are voting outside of South Africa you cannot vote in the provincial and municipal elections
  • You mark the ballot in secret, and place and seal the ballot in an unmarked envelope.
  • The unmarked envelope is placed in another envelope that is marked with your name, ID number and the name of the accredited mission where you voted. The use of two envelopes is to ensure the secrecy of your ballot (the outer envelope is discarded before counting).
  • Election officials take the envelope and place it in a secure ballot box for special votes.
  • Your name is marked off the voters’ roll for your mission to indicate that you have cast a special vote.

Voting in Berlin

On election day, go to the South African Embassy in Berlin (Tiergartenstraße 18, 10785 Berlin) if you are registered there or applied to vote in Berlin via a VEC 10 application.

  • On voting day there will be special queues for the elderly and those with disabilities.
  • There will be security checks, so travel light, and leave cameras at home.
  • There will be IEC observers present
  • There will be chairs for the elderly and voters with kids and disabilities.
  •  There are toilet facilities available
  • You can bring along something to drink like water (I don’t think alcohol will be allowed) and some snacks
  • If travelling by car look for Park-n-Ride options and take public transport to the Consulate.
  • Parking options close by – At the Aquarium or Parkplatz Tiergartenstraße

Voting in Munich

On election day, go to the South African Consulate in Munich (Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 5, 80336 München) if you are registered there or applied to vote in Munich via a VEC 10 application.

  • The IEC handles the diplomatic bag, and everything is prepared and in place
  • You are welcome to bring drinks (non-alcoholic) and food along, also an umbrella if raining.
  • There will be security checks, so travel light, and leave cameras at home.
  • There will be IEC observers present
  • They will open at 07:00 but they ask that people don’t all arrive at 07:00. Some are driving from afar so most will only be there at lunchtime. Voting can be done until 19:00
  • There is a beer garden, coffee shop and pizzeria close by
  • The Consulate is on the 2nd floor
  • Special queues for the elderly and moms with babies etc will be available.
  • It can be uncomfortable to queue in front of the building, and the Consulate asked us to please ask you to queue at the back of the building where the beer garden is. They will allow 2 people in at a time. 
  • 1260 voters are registered to vote at the Consulate
  • They are looking forward to seeing you all
  • If travelling by car look for Park-n-Ride options and take public transport to the Consulate. You can also find Park-n-Ride options on this website 
  • Parking options close by – CONTIPARK Tiefgarage Oberanger is about 7 minutes away

Political party manifestos

There is a great summary of the political party manifestos on the Daily Maverick website


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