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South Africans in Germany

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Playing cricket in Germany, yep you heard it right lols

Here is a shortened version on how my enthusiastic cricket photography, playing, umpiring, bus driving, usw path started.

Let me Introduce myself to those who don’t know me yet. In and around the German cricket fraternity I am know as Kitters, which derived from the “kit man” era, which derived from my multifunctional activities in the German cricket world. Born South African, came to Cologne in 1993. Saw that cricket was needed in Germany. Never looked back.

It all started at the local Irish watering hole in Cologne. We first started in the park, and realised we had a cricket problem. Soon we hand a crazy bunch of ex pats, keen as mustard to play in the local league. We founded a Cologne cricket club and we set off on a great new journey.

One thing led to another and soon I was running a cricket club. Due to my many skills for organising or mostly being well prepared for most situations, I was given the role of the “kitman”. These functions varied from setting up the BBQ to umpiring, playing, driving the bus, doing the website, and also taking the pictures. The DCB and many of the local cricket clubs soon were all calling for my photo’s at games that I could attend. I soon learnt that taking photos needs skill and timing to make them special.

My intention is always to capture the human moment in a still, so it will speak for itself, even better than any video footage. Let the watcher make up their own minds.

I have taken so many lovely pictures it’s hard to choose the best ones but here goes. I have posted loads more on Facebook if more views are required. Cologne International cricket club e.V. pics