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South Africans in Germany

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Christmas Hosting 2023 – Register

There are many South Africans that will be alone here in Germany over the festive period, and we were asked to once again organise a “Christmas Exchange”. The idea is to bring people together over the Festive period.  You can either register as:

  • A Host – You are willing to host someone at your home for brunch/lunch/dinner on a specific day(s) 
  • A Guest – You are looking to be hosted
We will list the Hosts and Guests on this page. We will not publish any personal information about the host or guest, only relevant information to match people up.
When a host/guest wants to contact a guest/host, they can contact us via this form. We will then contact the other party and provide them with the contact details of the guest/host. This is where our involvement will then end. The finer details of date, time, location, how many people and possible contributions must be agreed upon by the involved parties. 
Please inform us as soon as you are not available to host anymore or when you find a host. 
This is only open to South Africans living in Germany
Please check your emails after registration, you should get a confirmation email. If not please contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: Kindly note that our service is purely to publish the people interested to host or participate in a Christmas event. We do not vet or screen any individuals. Please be careful when agreeing to meet someone you have never met before. Online you will find best practice guides on how to ensure your personal safety when meeting someone from the internet in real life. You are responsible for your own safety and we assume no responsibility or liability in this regard.

We reserve the right to remove any host or guests from the list.