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Beauty and grooming

The first time I went to a hairdresser in Germany, she asked if I want her to cut my pony. I told her no, but can she cut my fringe, and again she said ok pony.
It went on like this until I realised a pony is your fringe or bangs and not your ponytail. A ponytail is a Pferdeschwanz. I also walked out with wet hair, as I did not book for a blow-dry, or maybe I just didn’t understand what she was asking and were too afraid of getting a huge bill at the end.
In SA you always pay for a blow wave, but not for a blow-dry, where your hair is just blown dry but not styled. Here you pay for a blow-dry as well, that is why you will see people walking out of the salon with wet hair.
That is unless you do it yourself in the salon, you are allowed to dry your own hair with their equipment.
Some salons even charge you for the basic products they use like shampoo, but they seem to be the cheaper lower end salons where you don’t need an appointment.

The basics

At most salons you need an appointment. You can simply phone and say the following:
Hallo mein Name ist Frau/Herr xxx . Ich möchte gerne einen Termin (Hallo my name is Ms xxx. I would like to make an appointment)
They will then ask you what you want to have done. They might ask for a date and time you have in mind, or simply tell you when the next open appointment is.
They will ask for your contact details

Here is a list of phrases and terms that might come in handy.
You can also download it as a .pdf file

Finding a hairdresser

You can ask for recommendations on Facebook groups. Look for expat groups or people living in your area. 
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Belinda-Ann Wiehart

Belinda is working at the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon in Munich. She speaks English and Afrikaans. Please make an appointment with Belinda-Ann Wiehart at the


English German
Cutting and trimming
I would like to have my hair cut Ich möchte meine Haare schneiden lassen
Would you like me to wash your hair? Möchten Sie, dass ich Ihre Haare wasche?
When did you have your last haircut? Wann hattest du deinen letzten Haarschnitt?
How would you like me to cut it? Wie soll ich dir die Haare schneiden?
How short do you want me to cut it? Wie kurz soll ich schneiden? Wie kurz hätten Sie es gern?
Shave your neck? Soll ich hinten rasieren?
I would like to have my hair trimmed Ich möchte  meine Spitzen schneiden lassen ich hätte gern einen Nachschnitt Bitte nur nachschneiden
I would like to have my hair shoulder length Ich möchte meine Haare schulterlang haben
I would like to have layers cut in my hair Ich möchte meine Haare stufig schneiden lassen
Can you thin out my hair? Könnten Sie bitte meine Haare ausdünnen?”
I would like a new style ich hätte gern einen neuen Style
I would like a fringe ich hätte gern einen Pony
Not too short Nicht zu kurz
Quite short Ziemlich kurz
Very short Sehr kurz
Completely shaven Komplett rasiert
In SA you would have asked for the clipper guard number In Germany the clipper guards are in millimeters
Grade one, Nr1=3mm Stufe eins (Rasur auf 3mm)
Grade two, Nr2=6mm Stufe zwei (Rasur auf 6mm)
Grade three, Nr3=9mm Stufe drei (Rasur auf 9mm)
Grade four, Nr4=12mm Stufe vier (Rasur auf 12mm)
Square at the back, please Im Nacken gerade, bitte
Tapered at the back, please Im Nacken zulaufend, bitte
Could you trim my beard, please? Können Sie mir bitte den Bart nachschneiden?
Could you trim my moustache, please? Können Sie mir bitte den Schnurrbart nachschneiden?
I would to have my hair coloured Ich möchte mir die Haare färben lassen
What colour would you like? Welche Farbe möchten Sie?
Which of these colours would you like? Welche dieser Farben möchten Sie?
I would like to have my hair dyed blonde. Ich möchte meine Haare blond färben lassen
I would like to have my roots dyed. Ich möchte meinen Ansatz färben lassen
I would like some highlights Ich hätte gerne Strähnchen
I would like to have my hair curled Ich möchte meine Haare lockig
I would like a perm ich hätte gern eine Dauerwelle
Would you like to blow-dry yourself? Möchten Sie selbst föhnen
Would you like it blow-dried? Möchten Sie es geföhnt?
Do you have a parting? Haben Sie einen Scheitel?
Do you like it this way? Ist es Ihnen recht so?
Would you like products? Möchten Sie ein Pflegemittel?


Hairdresserder Friseur or die Friseurin
AppointmentDer Termin
HairDie Hare
Hairstyledie Frisur
Hair Types
Straight hairdie glatte Haare
Curly hairlockige Haare
Long hairlange Haare
Short hairkurze Haare
What do you want to have done?
trim the endsdie Spitzen schneiden
Thinned outHaare ausdünnen
Colour rootsAnsatz farben
Blow dryFöhnen
Updodie Hochsteckfrisur
Fish tail plaitder Fischgrätenzopf
Permdie Dauerwelle
Types of cuts
in layersStufig (Stufen)
Pixie cutPixie
Modern or boldFrech
very short woman’s cutBubikopf
Rootsder Ansatz
Fringeder Pony
SideburnsDie Koteletten
Partingder Scheitel
Middle partingder Mittelscheitel
Side partingder Seitenscheitel
at the frontVorne
at the backHinten
in the neckam Hals
at the foreheadan der Stirn
at the sidesan den Seiten
behind the earshinter die Ohren
over the earsüber die Ohren
in the faceins Gesicht
The same lengthgleich lang
WaxDas Haarwachs
GelDas Haargel
HairsprayDas Haarspray
ShampooDas Shampoo / Das Haarwaschmittel
ConditionerDie Spülung
Hair treatmentDie Haarkur / die Haarmaske