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Bavaria truly has it all! From awe-inspiring natural beauty to a vibrant cultural scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With an abundance of festivals, stunning towns, and a rich history, Bavaria is a destination that never fails to captivate and delight.

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you’re in luck! The “Bierfranken” region alone boasts over 400 breweries – the highest density of breweries in all of Europe. So why not take a tour and taste some of the finest beers in the world?

Overall, Bavaria is a truly magical place that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a chance to indulge in some delicious brews, Bavaria is the perfect destination for you.

Why Bavaria is The Perfect destination?


International flair

Munich is a very cosmopolitan city with a diverse demography



Opera, ballet, drama, festivals, musicals, concerts, museums and art galleries - Bavaria has more than enough to offer



Bavaria is a stunningly beautiful region that boasts of numerous picturesque lakes, each offering a unique charm that captivates the senses. Moreover, Bavaria is blessed with its proximity to the magnificent Alps, which makes it a haven for lovers of outdoor activities.

Worth a visit

Toy museum in Munich

Toy museum is a fascinating and must-visit destination for children and adults alike. With its impressive collection of toys from different eras and places, you will be transported into a world of make-believe and wonder. From antique dolls and teddy bears to miniature cars and trains, the museum boasts a diverse range of toys that will surely capture your imagination.

Bavaria Filmstadt

Bavaria Filmstadt is an entertainment park and a unique filming location situated in southern Germany. It provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the magic of film-making, including behind-the-scenes tours, exciting stunt shows, and various interactive workshops.

Hop On/Off Bus Tours

Embark on an unforgettable sightseeing adventure with a Hop On- Hop Off Bus tour Munich. Experience the city's rich culture and history at your own pace with convenient stops at all the top attractions. Whether you want to explore stunning architecture, world-class museums or bustling markets, this tour has got you covered. So, hop on board and let us take you on a journey through the heart of Munich!

Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum Munich is one of the largest and oldest science and technology museums in the world, showcasing over 100,000 objects across 50 exhibition areas. The museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and advancement of science and technology. With its impressive collection of artifacts, interactive displays, and hands-on exhibits.

Castles, palaces and frotresses in Bavaria

Here you will find an extensive list of all fascinating Castles, grand Palaces, and incredible Fortresses in the stunning region of Bavaria. Discover the rich history and remarkable architecture of each of these magnificent landmarks, and immerse yourself in the charm of Bavaria's culture and heritage. From breathtaking Castle tours to exploring the formidable fortress walls, there's an adventure waiting for everyone.

Museums in Bavaria

Nowhere in Germany are there as many museums as in Bavaria. In more than 1,300 houses throughout Bavaria, visitors can experience expertly and excitingly staged collections on history and art, science, crafts, and customs

Food and drinks to try

The following regional specialities are typical for Bavaria


  • Schweinsbraten
  • Schweinshaxe
  • Nürmberger Lebkuchen
  • Knieküchle
  • Nürnberger Bratwurst
  • Fränkische Bratwurst
  • Franken Wine and Beer. Do try the Rauchbeer in Nürenberg


  • Weisswurst (eaten before lunch, served with sweet mustard, a Breze and a beer)
  • Bierwurst
  • Mett (raw pork mince), usually served with bread and onions
  • Schweinebraten
  • Frikadelle
  • Semmelknödel, Breznknödel and Schinkenknödel
  • Rotkraut
  • Reiberdatschi (Potato pancakes)
  • Bayerische Creme (dessert)
  • Vaniliekipferl (Cookies)
  • Krapfen
  • Kaiserschmarrn (dough omelet with raisins, served with apple mouse)
  • Zwetchgenkuchen
  • Bavesen
  • Brezeln (they look different from the ones in BW, the arms are thick)
  • Beer

Beer Culture

Kloster Andechs

The roots of the Andechs brewing tradition extend back to serving the pilgrims that have been coming to the Holy Mountain since 1128. The Benedictines have been serving pilgrims in Andechs since 1455, receiving them with hospitality. The monastery brewery is committed to sustainable growth and maintaining the monastic identity to this day.


The biggest and most famous bierfest in the world is held annually in Munich, Germany. Visitors from all over the world flock to this event to experience the culture and traditions of Bavarian beer. Additionally, the highest bierfest in the world is also held on the Zugspitze mountain, providing a stunning backdrop for enjoying a cold beer with friends and family.

Bamberg beer tour

"Bamberg without beer is like Christmas without Santa - unthinkable! Thirteen breweries within the town boundaries and 60 more in the surrounding area illustrate all that can be done with hops and malt. Immerse yourself in Bamberg's world of beer by going on this fantastic award-winning beer-tasting tour. Choose from eight of the Bamberg breweries for your personal beer tour of Bamberg."

Hofbräuhaus Munich

Hofbräuhaus Munich is a world-renowned beer hall that has a rich history and is known for its delicious beer. Established in 1589, it has been a landmark in Munich and a must-visit for beer lovers for centuries. The legendary Hofbräuhaus beer is brewed on-premises and is known for its distinctive taste and quality. The beer hall has seen many important events in history and has been visited by notable figures such as Mozart, Lenin, and John F. Kennedy. Today, it continues to attract visitors from all over the world who come to experience its lively atmosphere, traditional Bavarian food, and of course, the famous Hofbräuhaus beer.


  • Viktualienmark
  • BMW Welt
  • Kloster Andechs and the Klosterbrauerei
  • Bratwurstküche restaurant in Nürnberg – (built in 1380)
  • Neuschwanstein Castle (April 2022) – For every musician who has ever listened to Wagner, this is a must-see. King Ludwig 2 had a personal relationship with Wagner and the artwork is out of this world, depicting most of Wagner’s Operas. From Augsburg, take a Bayern ticket for the day. Take the Regional train and 2 hours later in Füssen. At the station, you can book a tour of the castle. EUR 17,50 for adults and EUR 2,50 for children 0 till 17. From there, a bus ride of about 10 minutes gets you to the town where the castle is. You are not permitted inside the castle to wander through on your own. IMPORTANT: Your guided tour is booked in timeslots. If you are late you will NOT be allowed on that tour anymore. Personal experience!!!! The bus ticket is included in the Bayern ticket!! Take the horse cart (7,50 Euros per person) or walk up to the castle entrance. It is a very steep walk I must add, but if you have time, walk and take rests and some nice pictures and even a waterfall on the way. The way down costs only EUR 3,50 or a stroll down. Easy day trip.
  • The Hundertwasser Turm und Kunsthaus in Abensberg
  • Walhalla is close to Regensburg –  a hall of fame that honours laudable and distinguished people in German history
  • Aviation history museum in Schleissheim
  • Museum Mensch und Natur in combination with Schloss Nymphenburg 
  • Weltenburg Monastery built in 1050 AD, with the oldest monastery brewery in the world

amazing things to know about Bavaria

  1. It is the oldest and largest state in Germany
  2. There are 3 dialects spoken – Austro-Bavarian, Swabian and Franconian
  3. Empress Elizabeth of Austria was born in Bavaria
  4. The Zugspitzem, Germany’s highest peak is located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  5. Munich is home to the Oktoberfest
  6. Every 10 Years since 1634, the Passionplay in  Oberammergau is performed. It was disrupted during Covid.
  7. There are 109 lakes in Bavaria
  8. There are over 600 Breweries 


Some of the well-known festivals are:

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