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South Africans in Germany

You can apply to study German in Germany. For this, you need to apply for a Long Term Visa National Visa. Take note that the procedure is different from that of a tourist visa. 

Application Process

  1. Enrol at an accredited German language school
  2. Prepare your proof of financial means
  3. Book your Appointment for a Long Term Visa. 
  4. Take out health insurance
  5. Have your biometric passport photos taken
  6. Prepare your documentation, and make sure you have all the documents on this list.  Include a motivational letter. 
  7. Have your interview at the embassy
  8. Wait for approval
  9. Book your flight tickets.  You only book your flight tickets after the Visa is approved.


  • Always include a motivational letter as to why you want to study German in Germany. It could be for example in preparation for further studies at a University or Apprenticeship.
  • I can recommend the following company to take out medical and travel insurance. They cater for students and are accepted by the embassy – Klemmer
  • The language course must be for 5 days a week with a minimum of 4 hours per day. – Min 20 hours a week. The VHS is a good option.
  • Proof of financial means: a minimum of 934UR per month (as of 2023) for one year in advance. Therefore 11.208 EUR needs to be available with one of the following options:
    • A blocked account at a German bank showing the minimum amount of 11.040 EUR (withdrawal limit of 920 EUR per month). A blocked account is a bank account from which no money or only a limited amount of money can be withdrawn. Additional information can be found on the Federal Foreign Office website.  Always choose a reliable bank to open your Sperrkonto.  Additional info on the Study in Germany website.
    • A Formal Letter of Obligation, pursuant to sections 66-68 of the Residence Act valid for the duration of the applicant’s stay in Germany, which must be applied for at the relevant Alien’s Office by the resident/ host in Germany. Please note, sufficient funds (creditworthiness) must be proven by the 2sponsor and be confirmed on the Formal Letter of Obligation by the relevant Alien’s Office
    • Proof of sponsorship or bursary from a German institution (e.g. DAAD) or the South African government
    • Statement of income/financial circumstances of the parents as well as an assurance of their support. In these cases, the blocked account (see above) must be opened after arrival in Germany.
  • The visa application process takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

Where to find information

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