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South Africans in Germany

January 2024

The holiday season is filled with excitement and joy, but once the festivities have ended and the New Year has begun , it can feel like a tad quiet and dull. Don’t let the dreariness of January bring you down! Take this time to rejuvenate your mind and body by indulging in activities that bring warmth and comfort. Stay warm by the crackling fireplaces, enjoy hearty meals to nourish your body, and sip on warm drinks with loved ones. If you prefer to spend evenings curled up alone, grab a good book and snuggle under a soft blanket. Although January might seem like a sluggish month, you can still stay active and social with friends. Check out our suggestions for how to keep things fun and lively while embracing the charm of winter. 

For those who suffer from the lack of sunshine, or (SAD), you can find information and tips on our Seasonal affective Disorder page.

TimeWinter Time. One hour behind South Africa

The temperatures averages between -2.8 °C and 2.1 °C.
It can of course be much colder, depending on the location.
Snow is likely in the mountain areas.
Coastal cities have a milder climate and the possibility of snow is low.
January is the coldest month in Germany, and also the darkest
The average daily sunshine hours is 1.6 hours.

Plan your month

everything you need to know


There are no real festivals in January. The biggests events are New Years Eve (Silvester) and New Years day. An old tradition on New Years Eve is to eat Raclette with friends, and do “the same procedure as every year” by watching Dinner for One on Television. If you would rather go out for the evening, many towns have concerts or fireworks shows on the 31st of December.  You can buy your own fireworks, but only for a limited time. Be extra careful when using fireworks, many people end up in emergency rooms due to burn wounds. Restaurants also have special menus but you need to make a booking in advance. 
Read more about German New Years Traditions on Deutsche Welle

Fun Activities

Snow Info


Public Holidays
New Year’s day / Neujahr01.01.2023All
Epiphany/ Heilige Drei Könige06.01.2023BW, BY, ST

Events listed on our website

Some foods and drinks to try



Grünkohl is a leafy, green vegetable that is often enjoyed during the colder months of the year. This delicious vegetable is typically served alongside a variety of hearty meats, including Speck, Wurst, or Kasseler. These savory flavors come together to create a satisfying meal that is sure to warm you up from the inside out.


Hearty Food

The chilly weather outside can be really tough to deal with. One of the best ways to combat the cold is to indulge in some delicious and hearty food. You won’t regret giving Kohlroladen a try, if that doesn’t tantalize your taste buds, you can also opt for some warm and nourishing stews and soups. 



Savoy cabbage is, without a doubt, one of the most delectable vegetables that exist. When combined with the delightful taste of rich cream or tangy cheese, it becomes a dish that will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied. 



Schlachtplatte is a traditional German dish that is beloved for its hearty, robust flavors and rustic charm. This flavorful meal is made using a combination of Leberwurst, blutwurst, and kesselfleisch, which are all sourced from high-quality ingredients and carefully prepared to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness. The dish is then served with a generous portion of Sauerkraut, which perfectly complements the rich flavors and textures of the meats. 



If you’re looking to tantalize your taste buds with a rich and satisfying meal, then there’s no better pairing for your venison than some beautifully cooked red cabbage. This perfect combination of sweet and savoury is sure to delight your senses, leaving you feeling completely satisfied. 

Fruit and Veggies in Season


Winterder Winter
Snowder Schnee
Sleetder Graupel
Freezing Fogder Eisnebel
Sledgingdas Rodeln
Cross country skiingDer Langlauf
SkiingDas Skifahren
Venisondas Wildfleisch e.g. Das Hirschfleisch, das Rehkeule,  Das Wildschweinfleisch (Wild Boar)
Red Cabbageder Rothkohl, das Rotkraut, das Blaukraut
Savoy cabbageder Wirsing
Happy New Year!Guten Rutsch!
Happy New YearFrohes neues Jahr
A peaceful and blessed new yearEin friedvolles und gesegnetes neues Jahr


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