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South Africans in Germany


February is a month of great importance as it is known for love. This event is celebrated with great vigour and passion in South Africa, where lovebirds often exchange gifts, plan special surprises, and indulge in delicious, romantic dinners. However, it is not celebrated with the same intensity in Germany.
In general, most restaurants and hotels in Germany do not offer any special deals or promotions for Valentine’s Day celebrations. However, some shops offer special deals and sales on Valentine’s Day.
So, if you’re interested in celebrating this day of love in Germany, you might have to be a little creative in planning your celebrations. Nonetheless, with your loved ones by your side, any day can turn out to be a special day filled with love, happiness, and cherished memories.


TimeCentral European Time (CET), one hour behind South Africa

The temperatures average between -2.4 °C and 3.5 °C. It could get much colder, depending on the location.
Snow is likely in the mountain areas. Coastal cities have a milder climate and the possibility of snow is low.
The average daily sunshine is 2.7 hours.

Plan your month

everything you need to know



It is an exciting time in Germany as the Carnival season, also known as the fifth season, is in full swing. This time of year is marked by colourful parades, lively music, and elaborate costumes. People from all over Germany come together to celebrate in a joyous atmosphere and things can get a bit “Narrisch”. This playful German word loosely translates to crazy or chaotic, and it is a testament to the spirited nature of Carnival season.  
Carnival is a celebration of excess and includes parades, floats, dancing, formal balls, wearing costumes, noise and a lot of partying. It is the period before Lent, that starts on Ash Wednesday.
Lent is a time of repentance and abstinence in preparation for Easter.

So what is Carnival, Fastnacht and Faching
These are basically regional names for Carnival.

  • Fasching – Austria, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen
  • Fastnacht – Baden, Franconia, Hesse, Saarland, Mainz, Swabenland, Switzerland and Luxumbourg
  • Karneval – Rhineland: Aachen, Bonn, Köln and Düsseldorf

This is yet another version of Carnival.
The local carnival clubs of the Swabian-Alemannic and some of the Rhenish clubs describe themselves as fools’ guilds. These guilds are mostly organised in the legal form of a registered association (Verein).
You can find the “Zunfttermine” here.
You can find a list of the associations / Vereine here.


Public Holidays
Women’s Carnival / Weiberfastnach08.02.2024All
Rose Monday / Rosenmontag12.02.2024
Fastnacht / carnival13.02.2024
Aschermittwoch/ Ash Wednesday14.02.2024A Christian holy day of prayer and fasting, and the first day of LentAll
Valentines Day14.02.2024All


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Going to the movies

It is always exciting to plan a visit to the movies! There are so many things to consider, like choosing the right movie theatre, picking

Events listed on our website

Some foods and drinks to try



This delectable treat is also known as a Berliner or Berliner Pfannkuchen. The soft and fluffy doughnut features a generous filling of sweet and tangy jam that adds a burst of flavour with every bite


Hearty Food

Stay warm in winter with hearty German dishes like Eisbein, Sauerbraten, Falscher Hase, and Kartoffelsuppe. These dishes are rich and savoury, perfect for satisfying your cravings. Warm up with a glass of Glühwein for added comfort. Don’t let the winter blues get you down, indulge in these delicious and cosy meals to brighten up your day!



Potato pancakes, more commonly known as Rosti, are a classic culinary creation that is sure to please your palate. These delectable pancakes are available in a variety of serving styles, ranging from sweet to savoury. You can enjoy them with a side of delicious Appel sauce for a sweet and tangy taste sensation, or opt for a more savoury flavour by pairing them with egg or onion.


Himmel und Erde

Himmel und Erde, which is also known as “heaven and earth” in English, is a mouth-watering and delightful side dish that has been enjoyed by many people for centuries. It is a traditional German dish consisting of mashed potatoes and mashed apples sautéed in a pan with bacon bits and onions.



Kölsch is a light, clear (filtered) and top-fermented beer with an average original gravity of 11.3 °P and an average alcohol content of 4.8%.. It must be brewed in Köln

Fruit and Veggies in Season



The origins of these “fools calls” are not always clear and their exact meaning is also lost in time. Most villages have their own call.
Here are some of the most well known:

HelauMainz, Düsseldorf,
AlaafBonn and AachenAlles ab or
everything down
Kölle alaafonly in Köln 
Wau-Wauall over 
Narri-NarroSchwabenlandI’m a fool,
your are a fool
AhoiLudwigshafen and
in the North
Hasi PalauPaderbornDie Hasen.
Palau is a different
form of Helau.
Alleh hoppSaarlandLos geht’s



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