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South Africans in Germany

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Advertising Rules

We would like to support fellow South Africans by posting their businesses here for free.

As a rule, we don’t allow advertising on our Facebook page. If we do allow random advertising, our feed will soon be flooded with spam and that is not what we want to offer our members.

We will gladly add your company to this website when:

  • You are a South African with a business in Germany
  • You have a business in Europe or South Africa that will benefit our members

After we added you to our website, we will create a once off post on our Facebook page to tell our members about your company or service.
We will mark your company or service as featured on our website and display the details on the sidebar for a at least a week.

When you want to place another advertisement on our Facebook page:

  • You will need to offer a special to our members or offer a new service or product
  • Get permission from the Facebook group admin team to place a advertisement
  • The advertisement will always refer back to our website (
  • The decision to add the advertisement on our Facebook page lies solely with the Facebook group Admin team.