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November 2021

November is the perfect time to plan indoor activities, such as going to the theatre, opera or concerts. It is also a great time to visit museums.
When planning outdoor activities, remember to take an umbrella or raincoat as the weather can change quickly.

It is still possible to hike in the mountains, although it can be wet and slippery. Make sure you wear the correct clothing to keep you warm and dry.
A great way to beat the cold is to enjoy break at a Spa hotel that have wellness facilities and beauty treatments. Another way to get your core temperature up is to visit a Therme, which is a hotel with a thermal spa. Thermal water could help you relax, stimulate your circulation and relieve joint pain.
Most Christmas markets will open at end of November. It is a lovely way to meet up with friends and drink some Glühwein.
In some regions, you can visit a Besenwirtschaft, read more about these seasonal wine taverns on our website

If you are starting to feel a bit down this time of the year, read about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 


Season Autumn
Weather Between 4 – 9 °C during the day, although warmer days are not uncommon.
Depending on your location, it will be mostly overcast and you can expect a lot of rain, some snow, frost and fog.
Get your warm clothes and rain coats out.

Public Holidays

Holiday Date Bundesländer
Allerheiligen (All Saints Day) 01 November 2021 BW, BY, NW, RP, SL
Buß-und Bettag (Repentance Day)17 November 2021Sachsen


Allerseelen02 Novemberall
Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)9 Novemberall
Fall of the Berlin Wall9 Novemberall
Martinstag11 Novemberall
Volkstrauertag (National day of mourning
-a silent day, no music or dance events allowed)
14 Novemberall
Totensonntag (Sunday of the dead
-a silent day, no music or dance events allowed)
22 Novemberall
1. Advent28 Novemberall

Festivals and events

Berlin Jazz Festival04 – 11 November 2021 Jazz festival
Start of the Carnival Season.
The Elferrat comes together to plan the events
11 NovemberAlso called the 5th Season.
The actual Carnival celebrations starts 40 days before Easter
Christmas MarketsEnd of NovemberAll over Germany. See our page about Christmas markets
Tollwood Winter Festival24 Nov – 23 Dec 2021Munich
Christmas gardensNov – DecChristmas lights

Foods and drinks to try

  • Kürbissuppe (pumpkin soup)
  • Martinsgans (Saint Martin’s goose) on the 11th
  • Rinderrouladen
  • Venison like deer (Hirsch or Reh) and wild boar (Wildschwein) 
  • Kohlrouladen (stuffed cabbage leaves)
  • Sauerbraten
  • Gulasch
  • Linseneintopf (Lentil stew)
  • Kartoffelsuppe (potato soup with sausages)
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Pancakes filled with Nutella, egg liqueur or apple mousse
  • Glühwein (Mulled wine)
  • Christmas market foods and wine. See our page about Christmas markets

Fruits and Veggies in Season


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