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South Africans in Germany

November 2022

As the weather becomes more crips, cold and wet, November is the perfect time to plan indoor activities, such as visiting museums or going to the theatre, opera or concerts.
If you prefer outdoor activities, make sure you wear clothing that keeps you warm and dry. It is a good idea to take an umbrella or raincoat with you.
Autumn is a great time to go hiking and collect chestnuts or go mushroom picking. Just a warning, many of the mushrooms are poisonous, if you are not an expert on mushrooms, please refrain from picking and eating them.

Most Christmas markets will start at the end of November. It is a lovely way to meet up with friends, buy gifts, indulge in Christmas goodies and drink some Glühwein. In some regions, you can visit a seasonal wine tavern, called a Besenwirtschaft.

To keep the child in you happy,  visit a Christmas Garden, which is a Christmas light fantasy world, take a scenic steam train trip or fly a kite in a park. Here is a list of great places to fly a kite in Berlin.

If the cold weather is getting a bit too much for you, consider taking a short break at a Spa hotel that has wellness facilities and beauty treatments. Another way to get your core temperature up is to visit a Therme, which is a hotel with a thermal spa. Thermal water could help you relax, stimulate your circulation and relieve joint pain.

Many people start feeling a bit down this time of the year. Read up on seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and how to deal with with the lack of sunshine.

TimeCentral European Time (CET), Winter time–  One hour behind  South Africa until the last Sunday of March, when Summertime starts.

Between 4 – 9 °C during the day, although warmer days are not uncommon.
Depending on your location, it will be mostly overcast and you can expect a lot of rain, some snow, frost and fog.
Get your warm clothes and rain coats out.

Plan your month

everything you need to know


  • The Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) open at end of November.
  • If you love Pumpkins, head out to Ludwigsburg for the biggest Pumpkin festival in the world. It will run from 26 August until 1 December 2022


Public Holidays
Allerheiligen (All Saints Day)01 NovemberAllerheiligen (All Saints Day)BW, BY, NW, RP, SL
Buß-und Bettag (Repentance Day)16 NovemberBuß-und Bettag (Repentance Day)Sachsen
Allerseelen02 NovemberAll
Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)09 NovemberKristallnachtAll
Fall of the Berlin Wall09 NovemberAll
Martinstag11 NovemberSt Martin' DayAll
Volkstrauertag13 NovemberNational day of mourningAll
Totensonntag 20 NovemberTotensonntagAll
1. Advent27 NovemberFirst Advent SundayAll
School Holidays and Terms
Autumn HolidaysShool Holidays 2022

Events listed on our website

Cooking class

10/12/2022 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm – Let’s get festive, and meet up with some fellow South Africans, and enjoy some of your favourite SA snacks and drinks. You also get to take home some lekker traditional takeaways. On the menu Chilli-gites/ bhaja / samoas Durban mutton /beans & potato bunny chow Biryani, koeksisters, Milktart Five roses tea, Ricoffe and Savanna Space […]

Soweto Gospel Choir – Freedom Tour 2022 Hamburg

28/12/2022 – 08/01/2023 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm – The Soweto Gospel Choir will be performing in Hamburg This is an external event and not organised by the admin of the South Africans in Germany Website For bookings please visit Eventim

Abdullah Ibrahim (Aka. Dollar Brand) Solo Piano

29/11/2022 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm – This event is not managed by us, we only listed it as information For tickets and more information please visit – “Back to basics, back to the way it was. Following music giants like Pharoah Sanders or Doug & Jean Carn who blessed J.A.W in the past, we’re more than thrilled to welcome yet […]

Beatenberg – Tour 2023

10/06/2023 – 14/06/2023 @ All Day – Beatenberg will be touring Germany in June 2023, with 4 shows in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich (and another in Vienna). The band comes from Cape Town and has several hits, including “Beauty Like A Tightened Bow” and “Chelsea Blakemore”. Tickets start at €24.85 and can be bought from Eventim.

Some foods and drinks to try



It is tradition to eat Martinsgans (Goose) on Martinstag, 11 November.


Hearty Food



You will see a variety of squashes and pumpkins in the shops and farmstalls.
Try a hearty pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil or Stuffed Hokkaido Pumpkin.



Apfelstrudel is always popular, but it just tastes better on a cold crispy day.



Mulled wine is just what you need to banish the cold.

Fruit and Veggies in Season


Autumnder Herbst
Autumn leavesdie Herbstblätter
Savoy cabbage

der Wirsing

Kaleder Grünkohl
Pumpkinder Kürbis
Pumpkin seed oilDas Kürbiskernöl
Brussel sproutsder Rosenkohl
Black salsifydie Schwartzwurzel
Parsnipsdie Pastinaken
Celeriacder Knollensellerie


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