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South Africans in Germany

Season Spring
Time Central European Time (CET), Summer time – the same time as South Africa until the last Sunday of October, when Wintertime starts (30 October 2022).

The average temperature is between 7.2 and 16.8 degrees Celsius. The days become longer and there are more hours of sunshine.

In May we celebrate the changing of the seasons. The sun is shining and it is much warmer during the day.
The days are longer and people are enjoying beer and “gemütlichkeit” in the beer gardens.
Many of the public swimming facilities (Freibad) will open. Other swimming options are to swim in a the ocean, a Baggersee, or a lake.
On the 1st of May (Mayday), in most small towns, people will come together to put up the Maypole. Most will wear traditional clothes for the event. It is a tradition in smaller villages to steal each other’s poles.
To get the Maypole back, the town has to pay a hefty ransom (mostly beer).
Once the Maypole is up, there the music, dancing, and feasting can start.
The tradition of putting up a Maypole dates back to the 16th century.
It is also the start of the summer festivals, see the events section.
It is also great weather for outdoor activities. See out Sports Section

In both South Africa and Germany, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Fathers day is celebrated in June in South Africa but in Germany, it is celebrated on Ascension Day (Hemelvaart/Christi Himmelfahrt) and thus falls on a public holiday. Ascension Day is always on a Thursday.

It is also pollen season. You can have a look at the Pollenkalender here


Public Holidays
Tag der Arbeit / Worker’s Day2022-05-01 Tag der Arbeit / Worker’s DayAll
Christi Himmelfahrt2022-05-26 Christi HimmelfahrtAll
Mothers Day2022-05-08Same as in South AfricaAll
Fathers Day2022-05-26 All
School Holidays and Terms
PfingstferienVariousShool Holidays


Food and drinks to try

Fruits and veggies in season


Maypole der Maibaum
a state or feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer. die Gemütlichkeit
man made quarry filled with water der Baggersee
Lake der See
Ocean das Meer
Beach der Strand / der Badestrand


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