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South Africans in Germany


Season Spring
Time Central European Time (CET), one hour behind South Africa until the last Sunday of March, when Summertime starts (27 March 2022).
Weather The temperatures average between 0.2 °C and 7.4 °C.
It could be warmer or colder, depending on the location.
The average daily sunshine is 3.8 hours.


Public Holidays
International Woman’s Day2022-03-08Only in BerlinBerlin
Meteorological start of Spring2022-03-01All
Fastnacht2022-03-01Six days before Ash Wednesday
More info
Aschermittworch / Ash Wednesday2022-03-02All
Josefstag / Saint Joseph’s Day2022-03-19BY
Astrological start of Spring2022-03-20All
Start of Summer time2022-03-27Clocks are turned forward by one hourAll
Festivals and events
St Patrick’s day2022-03-17 The St Patrick’s day parade in Munich is one of the biggest in Germany. There is also one in Berlin.
School Holidays and Terms
Easter HolidaysVariousSchool HolidaysHamburg

Finally Spring, but don’t get too excited yet, it will still take a couple of weeks to warm up.
Although the trees are still without leaves until April, nature spoils us with flowers like CrocusNarcissus and Tulips. These can be seen in most gardens and meadows.
There is also the anticipation of the upcoming Easter celebrations in April, and most houses and gardens will be decorated accordingly.
Many towns will have Easter Markets and decorate the town fountains with Easter eggs. These decorated fountains are called Osterbrunnen.
People also decorate trees and dried sticks with Easter eggs, these are called Ostereierbäume

The other great thing about March is the increase in daylight. Every day the sun comes up a minute or two earlier and sets later. Some places may still have snow, especially in the mountains.

Snow information

Food and drinks to try

March is time for Starkbier and, of course, the related festivals.
Bärlauch (Wild Garlic) is in season. Wild garlic can be bought at markets or you can harvest it in the forests. I would not recommend harvesting Bärlauch, as the leaves can look similar to those of the Lily of the valley – which is poisonous.

Fruits and veggies in season


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