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South Africans in Germany

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August 2022

Season Summer
Time Central European Time (CET), Summertime – the same time as South Africa until the last Sunday of October, when Wintertime starts (30 October 2022).

The average day temperature is 24 degrees Celsius.  The days are becoming shorter. It is mostly sunny and dry.

There might still be some Pollen in the air, have a look at the Pollenkalender here

The meteorological autumn starts on the 1st of September, meaning August is the last month of summer.
It is also the holiday season in most of Europe. For travel ideas within Germany, we created a travel page for each State (Bundesland) and added some Geheimtipps from locals.
If you feel overwhelmed by the types of accommodation available in Germany, hopefully, our page about accommodation types will help.
For travel within the Schengen area, check what rules currently apply by following the links on our Schengen Travel page.
For some countries outside the Schengen area, like Croatia, you don’t need a visa when travelling on a South African passport, see where else you can travel visa-free.
Also, see the page about July, for more information about holiday options.

For last minute holiday deals look at websites like Secret Escapes and Last Minute


Public Holidays
Maria Himmelfahrt15.08.2023PenAssumption of MaryBY, SL
School Holidays and Terms
SommerferienVariousShool Holidays 2023


  • 22 July –7 August:  Sommerwerft, Frankfurt (theatre and arts festival)
  • 24 July & August 6:  Klassik Open Air, Nürnberg (series of free classical concerts and fireworks in Luitpoldhain park)
  • 12 – 21 August Berlin Leutchtet, light fest

Foods and drinks to try

  • The weather is perfect to have a braai or to visit friends for a grillfest. See rules for braaing here
  • Berries like Strawberries (Erdbeeren), Red currant berries (Johannisbeeren), Blueberries (Blaubeeren) and Goose berries  (Stachelbeeren)
  • Cherry (Kirschen) season is until the end of August
  • Zwetchen (Damask Plums). The season starts end of August. A delicious desert is Zwetschgendatschi
  • Mirabellen (Mirabelle plum)
  • Ice cream – the best you will find at Italian Gelato shops. Do try Spaghetti Eis
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Campari Orange
  • Elderflower Cocktail (Hugo)
  • Spritzers(Schorle)
  • Fruit Punch (Fruchtbowle)
  • Cold Duck (Kalte Ente)
  • Sangria
  • Beer and wine cocktails
  • Pumpkin season starts in August, if you are close to Ludwigsburg, visit the yearly Kürbisausstellung, which is the biggest in the World


Holiday / Vacation der Urlaub
Holiday home das Ferienhaus
Accommodation die Unterkunft
Lake der See
Ocean das Meer
Beach der Strand / der Badestrand
All inclusive price die Pauschale

Fruit and Veggies in Season



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