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Getting a digital Impfpass

Vaccinated in Germany

As a rule, the vaccination certificate (Impfpass) is issued with the first vaccination in infancy.
If you do not have a vaccination certificate, one can be picked up free of charge from a doctor’s office or from the health department.
In principle, doctors are required to document a vaccination in the vaccination certificate.
Alternatively, if there is no vaccination certificate, proof of vaccination will be issued in the form of a piece of paper that has to be added to your “Impfpass”

You can also now get a digital vaccine certificate (Digitalen Impfnachweis) for free. You will need either the CovPass or the Corona-warn app for that, and a QR code issued by the vaccination centre or doctor where you are getting vaccinated. Another option suggested to use is the GetCovidPass website to “Create a digital copy of your EU Covid Certificate and store it safely in your mobile wallet.”
This is also valid for those who recovered from Covid and only had one vaccination.
For those who are already fully vaccinated:

  • at a Vaccination centre, will get their codes via mail or online portal.
  • by their doctor, can get the codes from participating doctors or pharmacies.
  • Documents needed are your vaccination certificate and a official photo ID (Aufenhaltstitel).

EU Digital Certificate

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into application on 01 July 2021. EU citizens and residents will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.
You can find more information here 

Vaccinated in South Africa

Many people get their first or full vaccination in South Africa before they emigrate/move to Germany.
This of course leads to the question, will my vaccination be accepted in Germany.
If your vaccination complies with the requirements set out by the Health Ministry and the RKI it will be recognised.

For the digital certificate  – According to the ABDA (Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Apothekerverbände)  – “…when people come to the pharmacy who have been vaccinated in non-EU member states. There is no obligation to issue a digital vaccination certificate. However, an issuance is also possible if the criteria apply. See “What is seen as proof of full vaccination” below. In addition, the digital passport may only be issued if the inoculated vaccine is also approved in the EU.
These currently include four vaccines: Comirnaty® from Biontech / Pfizer, Vaxzevria® from AstraZeneca, the Covid-19 vaccine from Moderna and the single-use vaccine from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

You can also write to your local government office and ask for “Confirmation of COVID-19 Vaccination” to get a more formal document.
As an example, one of our members in the Cape did the following : “I wrote to, who was brilliant. I sent the following information: SURNAME, PASSPORT NUMBER, SA ID NUMBER, BATCH NUMBER, VACCINE RECEIVED, DATE THAT VACCINES WERE RECEIVED, VERIFICATION CODE, COUNTRY OF DESTINATION, FLIGHT NUMBER, SA CELL NUMBER and E-MAIL ADDRESS and attached copy of passport, screenshot of sms verification and the small covid card.”

Fully Vaccinated in South Africa – get a digital Impfpass in Germany (also as a tourist)

  • The relevant information must be on your SA Vaccination card – see “What is seen as proof of full vaccination” below.
  • You need two QR Codes (one for each vaccination) to load your information into the apps. These codes can be obtained at participating pharmacies. Remember to take your SA vaccination card and passport with you.
  • If you are not successful at a pharmacy, you can visit a doctor with your SA vaccination card, take your Residence card (Aufenhaltstitel) if you have one and passport with you. The doctor will authenticate your SA vaccination card by stamping and signing it. They will issue you with the QR codes you need for your digital pass.
  • Download the CovPass or Corona Warn App. When you have trouble with these apps, you can try using the GetCovidPass website.
  • Load the QR codes into the app.

  What is seen as proof of full vaccination?

According to the Health ministry:
To enable entry, proof of vaccination must meet the requirements set out in section 2 (10) of the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations.
It must prove a full course of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was completed.
The vaccination on which it is based must be comprised of one or more of the vaccines listed by the Paul Ehrlich Institute at and

  • either comprise the number of vaccine doses necessary to provide full protection as published online by the Paul Ehrlich Institute at , and no less than 14 days may have elapsed since the last required single vaccination, or
  • for recovered persons, consist of the administration of one vaccine dose. To prove they are fully vaccinated, recovered persons must prove that they had had COVID-19 before they were vaccinated. Proof is provided by submitting a positive PCR test.

To certify vaccination, the proof must include the following data:

  • the personal data of the vaccinated person (at least surname, first name and date of birth or the number of a valid passport or other official photo ID the person carries and must present on request)
  • Date of vaccination, number of vaccinations,
  • Vaccine name,
  • Name of the disease vaccinated against and
  • Distinguishing marks that indicate which person or institution is responsible for performing the vaccination or issuing the certificate, such as an official emblem or the issuer’s name.
  • Proof of full vaccination must be provided in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Please note that these are general requirements under the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations. Further requirements may have to be satisfied for the issuance of a digital COVID certificate on the basis of the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation

More information can be found on the RKI website

My first Vaccine was in South Africa, I am getting my second one in Germany

  • You must be registered in Germany (Anmeldung)
  • Make an appointment for your 2nd vaccination – you can use the following portals the official hotline or Impfterminservice. You can also make an appointment with your doctor if they offer the service.
  • Take along your vaccination card from South Africa
  • Take your Residence card (Aufenhaltstitel) and passport with you
  • You might have to obtain a new German vaccination card.  One can be picked up free of charge from a doctor’s office or from the health department. Alternatively, if there is no vaccination certificate, proof of vaccination will be issued in the form of a piece of paper that has to be added to your “impfpass”
  • Get your 2nd Vaccination
  • Take your proof of vaccination to a participating pharmacy and get your QR Codes
  • Download the CovPass or Corona Warn App
  • Load the QR codes into the app

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