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South Africans in Germany

An Ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where a student attends school and works simultaneously. The student gains both theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time.
The training usually starts in September every year, but can start at other times as well.

Types of Vocational training

Dual vocational training (“Duale Berufsausbildung”)
This is taught at a Berufsschule. The student works and studies, and thereby obtaining practical experience.
The Student earns a salary.
Duration: 2-3 years

School-based vocational training (“Schulische Ausbildung”)
This is similar to the Technical Schools in South Africa.
The student does not earn a salary (exceptions exists)
Duration: 3-5 years

Dual vocational degree (“Ausbildungsorientiertes duales Studium”)
Dual programmes combine a university course with practical training or work experience with an employer.
It is taught at Universities or Berufsakademie.
The student needs University exemption (Matric /Abitur with exemption) The student obtains a degree and work experience.
The student ears a salary.
Duration: 3-5 years including on-the job-training period . See  Hochschulkompass for more information.

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